SEBRINA SCOTT – has be the sexiest pregnant woman on screen,Now that’s acting…. !

  1. OVERTIME seems like a pretty big deal of a movie?


Overtime was the first feature made by my great friends at Thoughtfly Films.  They had a minuscule budget, used local actors, and with that they put together a film of which they could really be proud.  It was a ton of fun to make, even more so to watch, and for me, yes, a big deal in that it was my first feature to get international distribution.

2. Ever gonna WRITE or DIRECT ?


What I’d like to do, in addition to acting, is to produce.  As an actress, you’re always at the mercy of others – waiting for things to happen.  It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of the job.  Identifying the weaknesses of a production, the compromises that shouldn’t have been made and the partnerships that should or should not be forged, but having no control over it.  I think I’d do well at the business end, and I’d like to have some control in making good things happen.

3. One Sentence Descriptions:  Al Snow,John Wells ,Leigh Scott.


Al Snow:  Al Snow, who is so much fun to be with on set, is a wonderful talent and more, a real and truly good person, and I am lucky to call him my friend.


John Wells:  An exceptional artist, a gifted actor, and one of my closest friends, John has an indescribable strength and a determination that mirrors my own, and each and every time we work together he challenges me to be better.


Leigh Scott:  Simply put, Leigh Scott,  both in making movie magic and outside the film world, is brilliant – a man I love not only to work with but to talk with – and I am so excited to begin work on our next project together this year.



4. RHONDA RIDES TO HELL sounds wild,You Ready ?

Oh, I’m ready!  This film is going to be so much fun to make for so many reasons, not the least of which is the wonderful team I’ll be working with on this.  I mean, being part of a gang, wearing fierce, steampunk-esque leather gear and driving all over the desert on a motorcycle, all the while being as badass as it gets…how cool is that?!  And in all seriousness, Akira, my character in Rhonda, is one of my favorite characters to date.  Meghan did a wonderful job in writing her, and I can’t wait to dive in and see how much fun I can have bringing her to life.

5. BEST of ‘The Sebrina’ ON/OFF set ?



Well, off set I can say that what I’m most proud of is that I’m doing this at all.  I don’t talk publicly about personal battles and everyone has their own to overcome, but it took quite a bit for me to accomplish what I have thus far, and some of the hurdles have been quite high.  More so than I’d ever tell, but when I want something, I don’t slow down or quit.  The eternal optimist, and if there’s not a way, I’ll make one.  I’m proud of that.

On set, there are several specific performances I’m very proud of, but each role is a gift of trust by the director, and my goal is to grow, to improve my skills and get better with each.  In other words, the best is always yet to come.


6. WORST of ‘The Sebrina’ ON/OFF set ?

Easier than the last.

Off set:  I’m, ummm…not neat.  While most of my house is neat and tidy, you’d be lucky to find the floor in my bedroom.  My car is the same, unfortunately.  Basically, any room or area that is not used or visited by others is a clothes-covered disaster.

On set:  I’m naive.  I tend to mistake arrogance for experience, optimism for knowledge.  I’m still learning there.

7.PIRANHA SHARKS, ‘Shark Week’ is coming soon ???


The current plan is to launch Piranha Sharks with international distribution this fall.

8. WONDER WOMAN : Modeled From Clay —A Fan Film ?



9. WANNA talk about the Fantasy Film THE RANGERS ?


Yes.  Yes, I do.

I have never been so proud of a project or a production team as I have been of The Rangers.

Episode One was filmed in a beautiful location in Virginia and it was one of the greatest experiences of my career.  Imagine being in a different, gorgeous land with an exact replica of Stonehenge behind you, orcs and elves running about, making an epic tale in LOTR style…and EVERYBODY is talented and cool!  It’s unheard of.

And I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the finished product, which is so, so well done.  I can’t say enough wonderful about director Ron Newcomb and his team.  True professionals with solid talent and sense, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of that team – I’m ready to film episode two.


10. CHANCE to tell Your Fans,What you feel is Important ?

That’s simple.  As far as this industry goes, what I feel is most important is telling a fantastic story.

The reason we have fans, the reason people read these interviews (most of the time) is because they loved a story we have had a part in telling.  So to keep those fans, to grow as actors, we need fantastic stories to tell.  Not stories that draw numbers but have no substance, no life.  Good stories.  Fantastic stories.  I could elaborate on what all goes with that, but you don’t have the space.sebrina2


2009 World Independent Film Expo:  Best Actress Winner
2011 Fright Night Film Festival:  Best Actress Winner
2012 International Mystery Writers Festival:  Best Actress Winner
Official Website:
Overtime:  The Movie:
The Rangers:

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