TYLER JAMES – as Elvis and The Memphis Experience interview


1) Is this your 3rd year as ELVIS on Fremont Street Experience ? Yes, this is my 3rd year on FSE and couldn’t ask for anything better.

2) YOUR Favorite Songs of Mr. Presley,That you sing ?  That’s tough I love them all but I would say Just Pretend.
3) BEST of being ‘ELVIS’ On/Off stage ?  I am never in character when I am off stage.  But the best part of being in character on stage is the opportunity to portray the greatest entertainer of all time.  The interaction with the audience is also one of the best parts about performing.


4) WORST of being ‘ ELVIS’ On/Off stage ?   Same as about I am never in character when I am off stage I am just myself.  There is nothing bad about portraying Elvis on stage he was amazing and it’s an honor.

5)  Ever gonna do a tv show,movie,commercial ?  I have actually did a commercial for the zipline on Fremont Sreet Experience at the request of the Entertainment Director so I was happy to do it for him.  My only real aspirations for TV or movie would be to do voice over work as Elvis I would love that opportunity.

6) One Sentence Descriptions –

a-Ronnie McDowell -Love his song the King is Gone and I actually covered it he is a great song writer as well.

b-Justin Shandor_Very talented guy as an ETA and anything else he has a fantastic voice doing anything he sings.  I see him in a throwback to old Vegas show he would be awesome.

c-Johnny Cash-Who doesn’t love Johnny Cash I actually put a little in my show ,

d-Adam Lambert-Huge fan and he should have won Amercian’s Got Talent and

e-Andy Kaufman-Really know opinion on him I never really watched him.


7) Hardest song to sing ? Most popular one ? Most fun for you ? Hardest probably for myself is Just Pretend, I sing outside in the desert every week and it really makes my voice dry so I have to make sure a drink a lot of water.  Most popular at a show would be Suspicious Minds.  Most fun with the band for me is Never Been To Spain I love the blues feel and my guitar players take on it.


8) Do you like  dancing,We believe it’s one of your best assets ?  Ha. ha good question, I move a lot, maybe sometimes I move a little too much in my own opinion,  but I have learned to adapt to holding a crowd.  You have to make them want to stay.  I am in a different setting than any other ETA, my crowd can choose to stay or leave and I have figured out a formula so to speak to hold the crowd.


9) HOW long does it take to become The King ?  About 2 hours if I can take my time, but I can do it quicker if I need to an hour and a half would be minimum.
10) You have a cd,dvd,t-shirts and website—Happy with all ?  Yes.  I have a few CD’s and the last I think is the best one.  The DVD needs to be updated to showcase the show with the band.  But everyone still seems to really like it even without the band.  I have about 6-7 T-shirts but the newest is my favorite.  My wife does all of my designs for everything including my website, t-shirts, CD’s and any promotional material.

The Official Site Of Elvis Tribute Artist Tyler James

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