JOHN WELLS – HOMEWRECKED opens on one of those actors who commands attention !

1) DO you think/feel you were born in the wrong time ?

Often, yes. Really… I feel I should have been born in the far future and become a time traveler.

2) Ever gonna Write or Direct ?
Perhaps, but no time soon.  Right now my focus is entirely on acting.
I have, sort of, transient thoughts and interests in other facets of production, but acting… that’s my fire.

3) One Sentence Descriptions –
Sebrina Scott:
Sebrina is my frequent costar and friend, but she’s also a rare classic actress and leading lady -a true connoisseur and student of cinema- who never fails to challenge me to be at my best.
Katie Stewart:
Katie is a real talent, always professional, and a genuinely sweet person who makes every set a warmer, friendlier place.
Meghan Chadeayne:
My time working with Meghan has been relatively minimal up to now, but she’s a cool chick, and with her obvious passion, ambition, and presence on screen, I’m anxious to leap into production on ‘Rhonda Rides to Hell’ with her this fall.
Leigh Scott:
Leigh is a visionary mad scientist of a filmmaker – one of my favorite directors to work for, a brilliant mind, crazy talented, but above all else, he’s just a really, really great guy.
Fred Olen Ray:
With his history and experience, Fred’s kind of a B Movie icon at this point in his career, and while he has a reputation for being a no-nonsense, hard ass director, he really is a sweet guy and a fun storyteller.
4) BEST of ‘The John’ ON/OFF set ?
Best of me on Set:
I take my job very seriously.
I treat each and every day on set as if it might the most important scene of my career.
I arrive on set early every day, I know my lines and character inside and out, I hit my mark, I sweat, bleed, and weep for my director, and open my heart and soul to drain myself into the film. I love my job dearly, and never take it for granted.
Best of me off Set:
I’m a damn good father.
5) WORST of ‘The John’ ON/OFF set ?
Worst of me on set:
I drank all the coffee…  Sorry, guys.
Worst of me off set:
In lulls between work and creative projects, I get extremely depressed. Without an outlet at hand or on the horizon to pour myself into,  I go to a deep, dark, soul crushing place. That sounds way melodramatic, I know, but whatever. It’s true and it sucks.  I’ve never experimented with alcohol or drugs in my life. Ever. This is my high. I have to keep myself consistently involved, or I crash.
6) Ever had a Bad Hair day ?
I’ve never had a good hair day either, though.
Just a lot of middling, longhair, hair days.
7) Work out much ?
This didn’t happen by accident.
8) Was OVERTIME  your breakthrough role ?
Yeah, I think you could say that.  It was my first lead in a feature film, and a fun role.
Almost everything I’ve done since has been -at least- indirectly because of Overtime. It’s a fond memory, and a milestone in my life. It may be just a bizarre and cheeky indie romp, but I’m deeply grateful for it.
9) Why is your website so hard to find ?
Is it?  I wasn’t aware.
I suppose I should blame the fact that John Wells is such a common name. Dreadfully common, really.
Though, both or either and will take you to me.
10) That statement that fans have wanted answered by you ?
The answer is coffee. Thank you

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