BLOODY INDULGENT – And what did you do after Back Street Boys ?


Stars: Kevin Scott Richardson & Diva Zappa.

write ,directed by : Ken Roht.

So, There is this well known neighborhood Vampire ( Richardson) and he loves his strippers,cocaine and drinking ANY blood available or not immediately.

Did we mention it’s mostly a musical,Like Rocky Horror or maybe Young Frankenstein on Broadway ?

There are alot of hits and a few misses in plot,songs and execution of Horror,Music and Comedy.

The cast is actually pretty good and give much support to Richardson.

Wonder what the other Back Street Boys think of Kevin spewing neck tissue,blood constantly dripping from his mouth/chin and the occasional(constant depiction) of him snorting cocaine and maybe that is to explain why he so haphazardly devours victims and tears at their clothing while mid-devour.

One response to “BLOODY INDULGENT – And what did you do after Back Street Boys ?”

  1. well, to be honest, I alwz thought he kind of looks like a handsome, aloof vampire. 🙂

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