JOHN THOMASSEN – Yes,Virginia,There are still Leading Men in NY !

1) Should we talk about SUPERSIZE SQUAD, And you as the super hero Burger King (c) ?
That was an interesting project. I had some conflicts and almost wasn’t able to take part so it was really cool of Leigh to not only include me but change shoot dates. Gotta thank the rest of the cast as well.
It was a blast to work on, such great people to be around and I personally think it’s fucking hilarious!
I like to think if Hemsworth ever saw it he would smile.

2) New York vs Hollywierd ?

I was born and raised in NY so it will always be home but I do love my time spent in LA. I love the vibe there, the temperature and the work. If I wasn’t living here it would be there.

3) BEST of ‘ The John’ ON/OFF set ?

      Fuck, I don’t know, I’m prepared, I’m on time and I hope I make the experience for the crew and cast a positive one.

4) WORST of ‘The John’ ON/OFF set ?

          When I’m not on set I’m preparing to be and when I have nothing to do it’s depressing. I’m not gonna lie. I have to put fourth effort to not sink in the swamps of sadness. Lol

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

Leigh Scott
Loyal, the guy has no artistic limitations but what impresses me most is he is loyal.
 Dave Campfield
Dave is fearless, funny, witty dude.
Ron Newcomb
If you come prepared and give everything you have, maybe you can match his intensity.
Sebrina Scott
I mean super talented but she just makes people smile.
Deb Funes
Deb is funny I didn’t expect that when we worked together.

6) Is it better to play a Good Guy or a Bad Guy ?

                I think it’s easier to be the bad guy because you have more artistic room.
To be the Everyman the guy that is relatable is no easy task.
However your the hero so that’s kinda cool.
All depends honestly on the script.
I think the best hero’s are flawed anyway sooo.

7) Ever wanted to change your name,Or is that not done ?

           You mean for acting purposes, I mean I have friends that did and I understood the idea behind it but I think that’s sorta phased out thankfully because I hate going to the DMV.

8) What are you MOST proud of,What are you the LEAST proud of ?

                      I’m most proud of being a father. Best Gig ever!
I’m not least proud of anything, if something disappoints me I try to learn from it but dwelling ain’t gonna pay the bills.

9) TV commercials or Video Game voice work or acting,Soon ?

            I’m always open to hearing about any opportunity, If myself and my team thinks it makes sense then let’s do it.

10) That one statement the fans of ‘The John’ should read from you ?

I think you all have impeccable taste,are attractive and highly intellectual.




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