BRAD SYKES – from BURYING THE EX to HI-8,This dude is smokin’…


1) So you produced Joe Dante’s BURYING THE EX ?


I am one of the producers on EX.  My connection to the film goes all the way back to 2007, when I produced a short version of it (with the same title) for writer/director Alan Trezza.   It was a pretty expensive 15-minute short with a name cast: John Francis Daley and Danielle Harris were our leads.  The short premiered at Comic Con in 2008 and played a bunch more festivals afterward.  The original intention was to use the short to attract interest in a feature, which Alan would direct.  It did attract interest, but took longer than we planned to get off the ground, and after several false starts, financing finally came together at the end of 2013.  Our director was now horror legend Joe Dante, we got some great A-list talent involved, and there were more producers on the project.  I’m proud to say we shot entirely in Los Angeles, a real rarity nowadays, and shot at places that have been part of my own LA experience over the years, such as the New Beverly Cinema.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and now it’s playing in theatres all over the country.


2) Was ‘HI -8’ fun to do, or old wounds opened ?


I had a lot of fun directing my segment “The Scout” and the wraparound.  Producing the entire project, with my wife/producing partner Josephina and Tim Ritter was a new experience for me, as I have never executive produced an anthology film, with seven other directors involved, all over the country.   So there were logistical and some technical challenges as you can imagine.  But overall a good experience.  The movie has been very well-received everywhere it’s played (20 film fest screenings so far, with its Brazilian premiere coming this July 4) and Wild Eye did a nice DVD and VHS release of it last year.


3) One Sentence Descriptions –

Joe Dante-I grew up watching his films, so obviously it was an honor to have him direct BURYING THE EX.


Ashley Greene-Her role was the most demanding, and she pulled it off nicely,


Alexandra Daddario-Very beautiful and brought a lot of energy to her role,


Anton Yelchin-Anton is a real cine-phile, just like his character in the movie.


4) BEST of “The Brad” ON/OFF set ?


One of the best times I’ve ever had on set was directing Steve Railsback in PLAGUERS.  A real gentleman who gives more than a hundred percent.


5) WORST of “The Brad” ON/OFF set ?


One of my worst experiences directing a movie was on an erotic thriller (remember those?) I did called ANGELIQUE.  It should have been an easy shoot with ten days in one main location, but every day it got more and more out of hand.  We had an “experienced” DP who had some great credits but was a total burnout and didn’t care, and a lead actress who was constantly balking about the nudity (who hasn’t worked since by the way).  A real nightmare.


6) What do you prefer Writing,Directing or Producing & Why ?


I don’t usually produce.  These two recent projects (BURYING THE EX and Hi-8) are exceptions.  Usually, Josephina produces our films.  I love directing more than writing because directing is more social, and you see the script finally coming to life.  For me, on set, working with actors and crew, is where the magic happens.


8) What can you say about the sequel HI-DEATH ?


HI-DEATH is the sequel to “Hi-8” and it’s in production now.  We have an awesome lineup of directors contributing segments.  It will have a darker vibe than the first film, the segments will be longer and go deeper.  I should have a lot more to say about it later this year!


9) Horror Film Festivals or Conventions,Your opinion ?


I have attended both, as a fan and as a participating filmmaker.  There are so many more cons and fests nowadays than there were when I started making films.  Some are worth your time and entry fees, some not so much.  I prefer attending festivals because the emphasis is on screening your movie for an audience, and enjoying their reactions or comments afterward, and meeting other filmmakers.   I’m glad we had the opportunity to attend Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego last year with “Hi-8”.  The audience went nuts over the movie and the festival was very well organized.


10) Those thoughts you want to share with your fans ?


To anyone who has bought or rented one of my films over the years, I appreciate the support!  The indie horror field is fairly crowded nowadays and every time I make a film, I try and do something different that hasn’t been done before, and delivers.  If you haven’t seen “Hi-8” yet, please check out to find out more about it or on Facebook at


You can check out all our other projects out at
Official “Plaguers”site:



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