CREEPER – Who out Creeps the Creeper ? Beast & The Beauties ….


Stars : Darryl Baldwin,Tara Price and  Rhonja Morrow.

Write & Directed By : Matthew Gunnoe.

This flick HAS Absolutely everything you are gonna want from a Horror/Action-Adventure hybrid of film.

So scary, That the women come off meaner than the supposed bad guy, Poor Darryl (sad face emoticon).

The stunts are impressive,Gore aplenty peoples and the props are amazingly used to utmost effect,What you might wanna know is how do a computer,bow/arrow/car battery and tazer have to do with each other.

Darryl is finally given that break through role that puts him up with Hodder,England and Robert Mukes.

Slick,Pretty and yet has some major ugly to be enjoyed.


SIDE NOTE : Interviewed Darryl Baldwin back in 2000,When my ‘zine came with staples !
Stuntman/Actor and Pro Wrestler.
I have been performing since 1990. I am The BAD GUY for Disney MGM Studios Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. I am the original Terminator for Universal Studios Florida T203D Battle Across Time. I have even been a Viking in a Japanese theme park. I have performed in movies, on TV and on stage in more roles as a Zombie, Cyborg, Shadow Killer and all around BAD GUY than you can shake a stick at!

1) Perhaps the Universal Studios mention could use some explanation ?
– I have been performing at Disney MGM Studios since 1990. I originally started as the effects operator for Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. My backround was in fireworks and stage effects. After a few years as a technician, watching what went into the performances and seeing what the audiences really liked, I got the chance to become THE BAD GUY! I went from blowing up Indy to BEATING up Indy! Universal Studios came immediatly out of that experience.
There are alot of cross-over performers between Disney and Universal. I was lucky enough to be selected to open the T2-3D show. I became Arnold’s ‘Stunt Double’. We trained for three months before the show opened. Towards the end of that three months, we were allowed into the venue to work with the effects. The performance integrates live actors, elaborate mechanical systems and effects, and a 3D movie, projected on three huge screens. The other performers started at 9 in the morning. I was working the AM shift at Epic and would come in at one in the afternoon. The systems were problematic and would take all morning long to get running. I would be the only guy sitting there in the afternoon, so I became the ‘crash test dummy!’ I performed that show for five years.

2) What is more fun being a good guy or bad guy ?
– I love the dynamics that being the BAD GUY allows. I am able to emote with all my ability. The Good Guy is bound by the laws of civility, whereas the BAD GUY can be…and is expected to be QUITE MAD!

3) Ever think of moving to California & Hollywood ?
– I would love the chance to work in Hollywood, however many of the productions are not centered in California. I’ll go whenver I am needed. Currently I am involved in several projects here in Florida.

4) Any famous words to leave with your fans ?
– People love the good guy, but they LOVE to HATE the BAD GUY! I create the good guy. Without me he’s just some Normal Joe. The BADDER I am, the more heroic he is!


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