READY FOR ACTION – Action/ Adventure like PG rated EXPENDABELLES (c)


Stars : Jennifer Rouse,Claire Brown ,George Stover and Louanna Lee.

Write by : Alfred Guy

Directed by : Lee Doll


Probably the best film ever from Lee Doll,Great script by Alfred Guy too !
Kind of a ‘ Charles Angels’ meets ‘ExpendaBelles’ take on women in film.
The cast is probably the best I’ve seen outta Maryland and especially Claire Brown & Jennifer Rouse,They had layers to their characters.
Finally Louanna Lee takes on a ‘ Big Girl’ role and doesn’t sing for her supper,But kicks butt like a Young Ronda Rousey.
Soundtrack was as needed and fight scenes and effects were a step above norm.

The bad guy was VERY original and yet flawed almost like Heath Ledger’s turn as The Joker, Congrats to Sam Lukowski for the performance that will be etched in Vimeo watchers eyes.



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