TAILYPO – A New Monster,Not URBAN legend !



Stars: David Chattem with Ranger and Joseph Aguon Drake,Directed by Cameron McCasland.

Filmed in Kentucky with all the richness that Hollywood is unable to copy on a stage.

Tailypo is pretty darn cool,It has a Gollum/Jersey Devil vibe that is hard to shake,Very scary in moments.

The voice of Tailypo, Is one of those unsung talents -Danielle Gelehrter,Without voice-over artists we wouldn’t have videogames,Audiobooks,CARTOONS !

So, There is all this atmosphere of lonely woods,maybe some fog (of course),A Man/his dog/his rifle /his scary ass knife and there is ‘Slim Pickens’ for supper, For some odd reason all the wild creatures ARE GONE !



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