A DOVE Among Pigeons – Silent edit,World Premiere from 2 Portagees studios

a dove

Stars : David Stay & Susan Mathews.

Written by : Chris Mackey, from his play.

edited by Adam Beck,Kevin Searcy.

So, There was a film project – That was too controversial to be a play from 1999.

It was crowd funded by 2 Portagees Productions,Ford Austin and David Parks and some others.

The money went to booking our star, David (Photon’s Mandarr) Stay,craft services and camera equipment  and miscellaneous.

Over seven monthes, we filmed on Wednesdays & Sundays for 4 hours at a time.

That version of A DOVE….played FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego ,last Halloween.

That version of A DOVE.. played on Amazon as a DVD and streaming,Only making money when it was ridiculed and sought out  for its bad sound and some directing decisions.

So, The HAPPY ENDING, That we all want- A DOVE …has been re-edited,ALL adr replaced by music of The Public Domain Band and captions for the best lines from ONLY the two leads.

Look for this version on Amazon.com soon and maybe a festival or two.

” It’s Funnier & Sicker !”





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