MR. FIRTH’S FINALE has world premiere for cast & crew,On to festivals !

firthMr. Firth’s Finale has a amazing cast : Cailey Rose Fox (debut),Ron Blackwell (Trespass Into Terror),Doug Scarbrough( John Neptune) and Jim Tuck ( Lost Outlaw).

Written by new scribe -Lewis W. Heniford.

Directed by : Adam Beck ( The Fallen).

So, A little sad, A little Joyous  and alot of awesome acting,That comes off so natural to be real life .

The only girl in ensemble is truly gifted lass,That needs to do print work for ads. or definitely used more for her acting,She is the ‘Reel Deal !’

So,This story is what the BEATLES should have done for Lennon or Harrison on their somber occasions.

The drama has such talent in front & behind camera and it’s only the second film from 2Portagees Productions.



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