The GHOST CLUB: Spirits Never Die ! spooky happening with William Forsyth.

Ghost Club Poster SMghostclub2

Stars : William Forsyth as the caretaker.

Written by: Hank Blumenthal & Jason Nunes.

Directed by: Hank Blumenthal.

Ok, So this is gonna be a web-series, Video Game & all kinds of stuff franchise !

BUT, Just like ‘ Game Of Thrones’ Don’t get attached to favorite characters, No Spoiler, Just fact.

This Pilot/film starts off kind of slow, With characters that are cool & all and and have layers and knowledge about Ghost Hunting unlike the NEW cast of GHOSTBUSTERS – pink sequel.

About 3/4 of the way through all kinds of apparition mayhem hits and the movie takes off in a wonderfully twisted journey through this old house with ALOT of secrets.

William Forsyth has a very nice role as the House Caretaker and brings early class to film,That at end deserved his presence.


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