RYAN T. HUSK – Macho,Sensitive& Funny….psst Trek Geek too !

1) Pick ONLY One – Acting – Writing – Directing ?
                 Honestly, writing is the most fulfilling to me.

2)  Definitely wanna know more about TEEN TITANS PROJECT, Since you play a character ‘Mackey’ ?

                 Mackey ha ha. Yes, Teen titans is a great new webseries created by my friend Chelton Perry. I believe he’s finishing up episode two. Very creative, lots of fun. It’s basically a live action web series about the DC super friends, when they were teenagers. My character, Mackey is part of a three man team of high tech thieves – we’re the bad guys.

3) Star Trek : Renegades is pretty amazing with a cast to match,How could this have happened ? NEW episode ?

                   I think the keys for Renegades are flexibility and ambition. We are ambitious enough to go for big scenes with big actors. But we’re flexible enough to adjust to scheduling conflicts and shuffling actors. It’s the ultimate passion project, and it starts at the top. Our executive producer, Sky Conway, is a passionate guy, and he’s one of the biggest Star Trek nerds out there. He’s one of us.
New episode are coming. They are in the development stage, and we’ll be launching a kickstarter campaign in a few weeks to fund it. We’re adding big names, and making the stories awesome. It’s going to be huge. Exciting times!

4) BEST of ‘ The Husk’ On/Off set ?

             I think what I contribute is fun, organization, professionalism, and determination. I’ll crack a joke a minute if the setting is right. But I’ll always treat people with respect and professionalism. I try to be as nice and friendly as possible. This is a business of relationships. No one wants to work with a jerk. I follow the Drew Carey method – be everybody’s best friend. Everyone wants to work with their friend. I try to respect everyone, have fun, make jokes, lighten the mood, but always staying ambitious and focused on the tasks at hand.

5) WORST of ‘ The Husk’ On/Off set ?

               What bugs me is when people don’t take other people’s time seriously. Sometimes people joke too much. Or move too slowly. Or waste time. Or lack efficiency. These are things that can make a project grind to a halt. There’s a time a place for everything. It all boils down to respect. Respect yourself, respect the project, and respect others. You have to have a team-first attitude in this business. If you don’t, it’ll show right away and you can really rub people the wrong way – and you won’t get hired again.

6) MAN Vs MILD, Think Bear Grylls knows of this parody ?

               Man, I wish he did know about MVM. I loved making those. Stan Balazer, Lea Tyelene, and I had just the most fun ever doing those. All improvised. All in one take. Just hit record and be funny – or at least try to be funny haha. We shot most of the episodes up in the beautiful Idyllwild mountains. Stan Balazer, who plays “equipment tech, Stamm Ballzac”, has a cabin up there. So it’s perfect – fresh air, good friends, and fun!
A funny story is that I was actually Bear Grylls’ photo double for the Conan show on TBS. I’ve worked their show a few times in their comedy skits. Well, when I was cast for the photo double gig, I mentioned to them this funny series I do, parodying Bear Grylls, “you know, if that help anything”. “I don’t think so”, was the gist of their response. Never hurts to mention it though.

7) 5TH PASSENGER behind the scenes gossip ?

               I could write behind the scenes gossip about 5th Passenger for days. Our director, Scott Baker has posters of goats all over his bedroom and bathroom. But his living room only has a baby duck calendar. Our lead actress Morgan hasn’t had a glass of water in over 12 years. She only drinks diet coke and regular coffee. And actor, Manu Intiraymi has this thing where he has to kiss every member of the crew – men on the cheek, usually. So if a new crew member shows up one day, we know what that person is in for – a Manu lip attack!
Sadly, none of these are true. But I did have a great time with the 5P family. Really, really good people and I consider them all good friends now. I would absolutely love to work with them again – and I plan to.
When we get interviewed, we’re always joking around a razzing each other. That’s always a tell tale sing that its a good group, a good team. If they’re all stiff and afraid to say anything silly or personal, you know there’s tension there!

8) Your  ST: Renegades, Blade Of Honor & 5th Passenger ,Opinions watching with a live audience ?

            People will love Renegades – especially the Trek fans. There are so many familiar faces and Trek tie ins that all of us nerds love. Mostly, I’m just really hoping that people want to see more, because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do – make more episodes!
BoH and 5P will just be showing trailers, as they are not yet complete.
But both trailers are outstanding, and I am very confident people will enjoy them.

9) Prefer Short Films or multi – episodes ?

            I prefer multi episodes. I always tend to think big. I like elaborate stories, big casts, and creating huge universes. You know, it’s like creating your own giant playground. That’s incredibly fun to me. But I think that’s the writer in me coming out.

10) That one statement we need to hear from ‘ The Husk’ ?

             Take the opportunities that come your way. The “why” will reveal itself later.
I was a musician in LA. I got literally dragged into a theatre class back in 2007, I think I had nothing to do with acting and was very clear that it’s not my thing. The professor forced me to participate in an improv exercise. Who knew acting was this fun? turned out it was fun and I was good at it. So I took the class, and many more after that. A couple years later, my favorite theatre professor was teaching his final semester and convinced me to take his playwriting class before he retired. I didn’t want to (I wasn’t a writer), but I took it to make him happy. Next thing you know, I wrote three plays, all produced, all got great reviews. That led me to move into writing scripts, stories, etc.. Fast forward a couple more years, and I similarly fell into producing. That’s not something I ever wanted to do, but now I find that I love it. Recently, I was asked by one of my favorite professors to speak about acting in front of his media arts class. Same story. I had no idea why he wanted me or even what I’d talk about. But I did it, and I loved it. The students were great and I’ve employed many of them, as I’ve continued to speak in front of his various classes about acting, producing, and the business. And as of a couple months ago, I’m now employed by that college as a professional mentor for the arts and production workshops.
Every one of these things have enriched my life in a way that I could have never foreseen, and moved me down a career path that is more fulfilling than I’d ever have guessed. If I had continued my path and not taken these opportunities, I’d likely still be a starving musician today. These were all opportunities that were 100% completely against my plan and who I thought I was. Yet, these wonderful people pushed me to do something out of my comfort zone, out of my life plan, out of my skill set, and now I can’t imagine my life without all of these things in my life. Obviously, I feel very fortunate that I was dragged, convinced, and tricked into doing these things. So I’ve learned to just say yes. At this rate, maybe in two years I’ll be a carpenter or an ice sculptor or professional cricket player – and I’ll love every minute of it.
-Ryan T. Husk
The Incredible Husk

A horror film I acted in and co-produced:


A fun sketch comedy production group that I co-run:

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