PAUL LANG – Supes,Puppies,Trekkies — yep,The life of a actor !


1) You had some adventures, Recount one of your favorites ?

Actually I am going through quite the adventure right now.  I am presently moving my family from Detroit to San Diego.  That’s me, the wife, my two kids and two cats.  And one big truck.  If I was a real starship captain I would have a bunch of Klingons moving my crap.

2) PUPS UNITED, Looks like a fun film, Any Behind The Scenes gossip ?


Great little kids movie.  During the scene where I am dancing on a hot stove we actually blew up the kitchen of the Spire Institute.  A high temp spot light set off the fire alarm and flooded the whole room.  I believe we got it on film.

3) Will you ever Direct or Write a movie ?


I have written two movies, one was a sci fi superhero movie and the other a romcom.  I would love to Direct but right now I am focused on acting.

4) BEST of Mr Paul ON/OFF set ?


I like to think my sense of humor on and off set is the best quality I have.

5) WORST of Mr Paul ON/OFF set ?


Most people think my sense of humor on and off set is the worst quality I have.  The Horizon blooper reel will be full of antics and rated R for language.

6) Can you bring any gossip from BATMAN Vs SUPERMAN to STEAM HOUSE CON panel talk ?


Besides that fact that Jennifer Garner will not stop calling me now that she’s headed towards being single, not much gossip.  You can hear me in the first trailer of the movie yelling like a mad man in the background.  Pretty much speaks for itself.

7) THRILL RIDE movie sounds so cool and You are Al Capone ?


This movie is a modern day Goonies and I am real excited to see this one.  Great cast.  The CG during a part of the film is being by none other than Tommy Kraft.  I introduced him to Chris Parrish and Chris loved his work so much he asked Tommy to help out.

8) STAR TREK : HORIZON ,You a Trekkie or was this Sci-fi role just a job ?


I would of said yes I am a Trekkie of a sort, but after meeting true Trekkies like Tommy, Joel, Ryan and everyone else on this film I would say I am no where in their league.  They are no doubt the biggest Trekkies I know.

9) Been trying to see THE CREEPS,Seems like a cult film for sure with a great cast,Any on set gossip ?


Little Creeps is so stuffed with gossip I would not know where to start.  Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies?  That just screams gossip.  Tough movie to get a copy of because it has not been released to distribution yet.  Fun and campy.

10) Final thoughts for your fans  ?


I am looking forward to meeting some of the Horizon cast that is also in other shows like Rico Anderson and Ryan Husk, we have never met.  AND I am stoked about the second trailer for Star Trek Horizon!

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