1) Ever gonna Write or Direct?
Yes. I have projects in my head all the time. Many projects. Many ideas. I have a whole sci fi anthology series I am working on. It’s going to geekily blow minds and educate as well. I am also co-creating a series with my producing partner James Michael Marshall that will be shot next year. He is writing the pilot episode but I would love to write future episodes. So yes, I do write and I can’t wait to get these ideas off and running. I truly believe that many a brilliant stories have gone to the grave because people wont write them. I feel like its criminal to keep the ideas I have in my head. So….yes. I’m writing them now. Its taking forever but I’m making it happen. Directing is a ways down the line for me but it will happen. I have interest and am excited for the opportunity when it does.

2) Soap Operas, You miss ’em ?
Yeah, I do miss shooting soap operas. They are a lot of fun to shoot. It’s a different bird of a feather in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, most of them are gone. If I’m not mistaken, there are only 3 left. My mom practically lost it when I told her I was going to shoot Days of our Lives. She loved watching (as black folks say) her “stories”. It was a very personal victory to have booked something my mom was once a huge fan of. As God is my witness I will shoot again!!!!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

3) BEST of ‘The Rico’ ON/OFF set?
The best of me ON set is basically being on set…. period. It’s a serious happy place for me because I love it so much. I also love working with people I grew up watching before I moved to LA. I have been very blessed to work with and share screen credit with people whose work I have always admired. Another “best of” are when I can play characters I really get to sink my teeth into. Challenging characters, characters I don’t normally play. Doing that just expands my “type” in the industry so I’m not just seen as only a couple of types. Two great examples are Boras in ‘Star Trek: Renegades’ and Marco in ‘Young & Hungry’. That keeps it fresh and interesting. I love the fact that I still pinch myself.

The best of me OFF set is me at the beach, hiking, working out, parties, going to the theatre, traveling, watching movies, television, playing video games, reading comic books, being with friends (when they’re not driving me crazy), family (when they’re not driving me crazy), loved ones (when they’re not driving me crazy), myself (I drive myself crazy all the time), prepping for the next gig, auditioning for the next gig and finding out I booked the next gig (and yes, those last 3 ones can drive you crazy also….really crazy), sushi, dirty martinis, great food from around the world.

…….and coffee.rico2
4) WORST of ‘The Rico’ ON/OFF set ?
That’s kind of a weird question because there is no worst of me ON set. I mean, if there is some form of unprofessionalism happening that effects my work or my rights as an actor then I would speak up and express my concern like most people hopefully would. Otherwise, I’m one of the most happiest, cooperative and grateful people you would want to work with. Ask anyone…except for Ryan T. Husk, lol.

I’m sure I’ll miss some things and I’m also sure there would be people who would love to throw in their two cents (Haha) but the worst of me OFF set would probably be me not being onset, lol. It’s that gap that sometimes happens in the entertainment industry where you are not on set for weeks, sometimes months. It’s the worst type of foreplay, lol. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do things toward your career everyday. That downtime should be used toward furthering your career. Something, anything. Still sucks not being on set on a more regular basis. Other things are not auditioning, not being happy about something in life, bad drivers, bills, A-holes who suck at customer service, a bad dirty martini…no coffee.

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Tim Russ,Scotty Baker,Walter Koenig and Eric Smith – Gunn ?

You’re about to make my high school English teacher really question why he passed me when he reads all the run on sentences I’m about to drop on you but here we go…………

Tim Russ- Tim Russ didn’t have to (he could have easily offered the role to an established sci fi actor) but he gave me a shot at an incredible role in one of the biggest franchises in the entertainment industry and if you add to the fact that he is a really cool dude, that makes him, in my book, truly one of the nicest and most generous people I have had the pleasure to meet and work with.

Scotty Baker- Scotty (5th Passenger) is a funny and cool dude to hang out with who also happens to be a young and hungry, kid in a candy store director, happier than a kid on Christmas morning who got the chance to play with his favorite Star Trek characters in a feature length film…but on a different set.
Walter Koenig- I’ve had the honor of working with Walter on both Star Trek: Renegades and a play called Efficiency and with the latter, working with him more closer than Trek, I had the chance to chew up more scenes with him more closely and witness over 40 years of a really cool and iconic career of a man who is a very nice guy, attentive, still passionate about his work, not jaded and keeps it moving no matter what.

Eric Smith-Gunn- Eric has a directorial creative dark side that works well in that while you’re watching his work, he is making you think hard which in turn makes you think about yourself and your life’s choices but in a sometimes fun and creative way either through well written monologues or even music which tells stories which once again, makes you think and reflect but also entertains.

6) You have done a few Video Games, Voice work. You like?
I do like. I can audition for voice work at a designated studio provided by my agents or I can stay at home and record in my underwear (TMI?), depending on what I’m being asked to do. It’s not about looks so you don’t have to worry about looking good for a camera because there is no camera. Voice Over is such a different animal in the entertainment industry. It’s almost in its own universe. The thing that people don’t realize is that voice over is EVERYWHERE. Pretty much everything that we come into contact with on a daily basis is connected to voice over in some way, shape or form. And with new types of media popping up all the time these days, the industry will keep growing. It’s a really fun medium.

7) After the HOLE IN ONE flick, how is your golf game?
I actually don’t golf. Never have, not even miniature golf. I didn’t golf in Hole in One either. I would like to learn though so if anyone would be willing to teach me I’m game. Just let me know when tee time is.
8) So, BLACK TIGER: Hunter Hunted, You feel like more superheroes are in your future? Which ones appeal to you most?
I guarantee that more super heroes are in my future. In fact, it’s been announced that Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted will continue as a series. It’s an exciting time for Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted. Some great opportunities have come from that short that was produced a couple of years ago. I also just shot an independent short where I portray a very famous superhero. But in terms of what I shot, it’s more of a tease than a full on rendition. And while independent superhero work is awesome to do, I do look forward to crossing over into the mainstream super hero world as well.

All types of superheroes appeal to me. I’ve been a geek for as long as I can remember so in all honesty; it’s not an easy question to answer. I like them all. Now while that may be the case, and I loved my superheroes just the way they were growing up, I do wish there were more superheroes of color to look up to as well. To have that would simply reflect the world as it really is and not the world that was portrayed back in the day. The same can be said for television and film as well but that’s a whole other interview. I actually think there are more superheroes that appeal to more people growing up today because the representation of super heroes of color is broader. Either through new characters because of something that happened due to the original characters retiring or they died or because of some ret con of a comic or film where the ethnicities were changed. And that is ok in my book. There are people who speak out against it but they just don’t understand. Sometimes it’s not just about creating new characters. It’s also about using the characters that are already present and very popular. Kids of all colors and faiths can envision themselves being these characters because they are there and present. They exist permanently or for this particular moment in time. And lets be honest. At the end of the day (or many months or years) everything may revert back to the originals. And new ones will come along. Calm down people. We’re not curing cancer here. And with all of that, I’ll always love a good ol’ fashion cape wearing, technology using, flying through the air, busting through a wall, Pop, Bam, Boom fistfight

9) Kind Of Like STAR TREK, Huh ?

I really do.  I love everything Star Trek.  I love all the television shows, the movies, the comic books, the audio series, and the independent productions.  I love them all.  If you haven’t listened to some of the Star Trek audio out there narrated by many well-known Trek actors then you don’t know what you’re missing.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  Two names in those series:  Jonathan Frakes and Kevin Conway. Brilliant!!! I love most peoples’ passion toward the Star Trek the universe.  There are some great stories out there and there are some not so great ones also.  That’s ok.  And with that said, I cant help but respect people wanting to add their ART into a universe that has millions of stories yet to be told.  As an actor, I want to play in many different sandboxes.  And as a professional actor, I have been and continue to be blessed by the work I have received, both in comedy and drama in television, film, theatre and voice over.   Its been great playing in some of the biggest franchises like Law & Order, NCIS, Modern Family, Bones, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly and Two Broke Girls among others. Sci fi was always one of those personal loves as well and Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica were at the top of that particular sandbox.   So when an opportunity came where I had a chance to go for what I knew, I went for it, went through the proper channels, stayed persistent and never gave up.   I eventually ended up playing BORAS in Star Trek: Renegades.   It was the time of my life.  In the sci fi world, It slowly snowballed from there and that experience led me to become involved in many more projects in the world of Trek and sci fi from other independent on camera productions to audio series, interviews (written, on camera, podcasts), sci fi theatre, sci fi conventions, personal appearances, convention panels and even upcoming projects I am not allowed to even speak on for fear of hired goons showing up on my doorstep.  Since Star Trek: Renegades, I have been cast in and had affiliations with 5th Passenger, Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted, Star Trek: Horizon, Star Trek: Axanar, the audio series Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny and as of this writing the new sci fi horror feature, “Triborn”.  I seriously can’t wait to sink my teeth into that one.  And the list continues to grow.  It’s exciting.  There is so much more work yet to be done.  The term, “Be careful what you wish for” couldn’t be more relevant.

10) So, That statement of yours, Fans want answered???

Wake up. Stay hungry, hustle hard, figure out what you want, write that shit down and go get it. Work on it every day. I love this saying, “The wealthiest place on the planet, is the graveyard. Because in the graveyard, we will find inventions that we were never, ever exposed to, ideas and dreams that never became reality, hope and aspirations that were never acted upon”. Be diligent about what you want. Be humble. It’s ok to be flawed. It builds character and just makes you try that much harder. No one is perfect. I’m not. Build and maintain relationships, nurture them, help others, be nice, be kind, don’t be a diva, be grateful, be a fucking shark – lion – cheetah – pit-bull – T Rex – Wolverine – Hulk – Superman – Wonder Woman, whatever in this business. If you’re the new kid on the block either for a limited or long term or permanent time on a production, be and stay professional. When on set and you are done for the day, hang up your wardrobe. Remind them why they chose you to play in their sandbox. And do it 1000+%. Avengers reference: If you’re Hawkeye (the archer) on a team with thunder gods, technological geniuses, super soldiers and Hulks, then do your absolute best to never ever miss the shot. If by chance you do, its ok. Don’t be afraid to fail. That means you try harder, push further and realize that it’s not always for reasons you may automatically think and in some cases, can control. Don’t always take it personally. If you get discouraged, it’s ok. I do…a lot. I also get over it. Don’t get taken advantage of. It’s ok to say no. Get the joke. Watch yourself, know who you are and work like a beast…then, goes to sleep, wake up the next day, rinse and repeat.
And have FUN doing all of it.



Twitter and Instagram handles ,They are both @IAmRicoAnderson








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