TRESPASS INTO TERROR – As If drive-in movies still meant something…

Stars: Shaun Paul Piccnino (Super Power Beatdown),Willy Ortlieb ( Chuck Norris stunt double) and Alexis Schneider ( The Gallows).

Let us begin with the music IT IS Awesome ! Very well done soundtrack.

So, We start off with a buddy picture, Some guys getting away from the city and all heck breaks loose in the woods !

The characters are pretty accurate to the situation that befalls them, Shaun is very good at heroics as evidenced by his great career,Willy Ortlieb doesn’t come in till 3/4 of picture, But we get more of what he did in Hot Rod Horror and more Willy Arse Whoopin’ the bad guy DT Carney ( Cambodian Dangerous).


There is like a Whose Who of Valleywood actors and the fact it was filmed at Hobbs Grove and Murray Movie Ranch shows more quality was put into this Cracker-exploitation film.

( Our lawyers have advised judicious editing of this article !!!)


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