BLAKE MENDES – Valleywood’s Riddler from 4th Of JULY to Christmas …Riddle Us This !

1) Why the RIDDLER fascination, Above all the BATMAN foes ?
             That is by far the one question I get all the time. “Why Riddler?” To be honest, it’s because Riddler and I are much the same. We both are enigmatic at times, as well as the ones to ask so many questions. I guess you can say my interest in him is a riddle itself. I like him because of his mannerisms, how he acts. When he’s angry you know he is, but when he’s playful you don’t know what to make of it. I love riddles, and been doing puzzles and such since I was young. I was just born the Riddler.

2) Your props are amazing, How do you come up with ‘ Such Wonderful Toys ‘ ?

              The process in which I make my props are actually quite fascinating. First, I start with a thought: “How would I make this?” Then I start thinking about each part in the real world. How much would it cost? What should it be? Once Ive determined price, it’s off from there hehe I head to the garage, typically at midnight, that’s when my thoughts are more open, and then build them. It’s really all about creativity, you have to be creative when doing these props. Also it’s about your budget hehe

3) BEST of The Blake ?

                     I’m fun to be around, great talker, and can make friends quick.
4) WORST of The Blake ?
                 I never shut up! hehehe

5) One Sentence Descriptions ONLY –

Antero ‘Batman’ Mendonca ____________.


Antero’s Catwoman __________.

Blake: Elusive

Hugo Strange _______________.

Blake;Strange hehe

6) What did you think about the’ 4th OF JULY Batman’  event ?
                  I thought it was a magnificent experience. Being able to participate in such an event was wonderful. That feeling you get when you see the children smile, and they know who the heck you are, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. I couldn’t ask for such an experience any other way. 🙂

7) How does it feel to have your own Batman Christmas Video ?
It feels great knowing that I can take my own Riddler and create a world that can be enjoyable for everyone. I do this every year for Antero as a joke, but sometimes I make it a sequel to our last meeting as Riddler and Batman. It’s all a fun experience, and getting Hugo Strange in the mix was a great thing, because it answered so many questions while presenting new ones!

8) Your RIDDLER Interview You-tube  is very similar to video games rendition, You happy about ?
                            I’m very happy about that! I love the Arkham games, and being able to create an interview tape with Hugo and Nigma was really cool! I enjoy doing these things, and to be honest I’m thinking of interviewing Scarecrow next, but that’s only if Jonathan won’t spray me hehe.

9) What is like to one of the youngest cos-players of Batman’s Villians ?
It feels great because I can be more energetic, and more elusive. Despite the fact that I have matured greatly from my previous Riddlers, the fact that I can present a hyperactive, yet maniacal Riddler is something I love doing. I also hint at something in each outfit, but you’ll have to pay very close attention to each outfits look and act.

10) What one thing have you always wanted people to know to make their lives better ?

               Enjoy it. Because it’s better to have spent your time on this planet enjoying it, rather than spend it in misery. 🙂



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