1) What is REEL STREAM ?
           Reel Stream is the name of my production company. We started in 2011 as just a podcast and then later that year we began filming shorts on YouTube. We are currently in production on our first Web Series “Roomies”

2) You have played BATMAN in The Asylum web-series a few times, What is your feelings about ?

           I was very excited when Charles offered me the role of Batman because I’ve always wanted to play him. It’s great to get to play a character that’s so different then what I usually play because I usually play more comedic roles. Batman is such an intense individual who’s not perfect like say superman. Unlike Superman he wasn’t bought up believing the best in people, he’s seen the worst of the world and society has to offer which is one of the reasons I like what Charles has done with the asylum.

3) BEST of ‘The Charles’ On/Off set ?(Editor,This question was intended for Mr. Montoya to talk about himself,Instead he Chose to dissect his Director on The Asylum,Charles Perez…LOL !)

      Charles is  a big comic fan like me, we can talk Batman, Flash, Arrow ect all night long. It’s also great to know someone who loves film as well because with him the Asylum isn’t just a hobby but something that he really believes in.

4) deleted.

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Kevin,Heather and Chuck_____________,Joel Hernandez_____________.

 Kevin is a tremendous talent, Heather and I are fantastic Storytellers!/  Joel Is a great and professional presence!

6) Force Awakens comments( no spoilers) ?

                 The Force Awakens is a great movie and one of the best Star Wars to date. I’m incredibly interested in what the next two movies have in store for the series, JJ Abrams did a great job on this one! Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren are all great new leads for the new trilogy.

7) DC movies vs Marvels movies ?

I’m starting to get fatigued with Marvel to be honest. I feel like the last two movies where kind of formulaic, they need to be different like how “Winter Soldier” was. I also feel like outside of Loki none of the Marvel villains have been very memorable. DC on the other hand has had some very memorable villains in Ra’s Al Gul, the Joker  and Bane. That said I’m very excited for Jared Leto’s Joker and Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. I think Leto is going to be completely insane and very very dark and I think that if Eisenberg is anything like his Mark Zuckerberg, Lex will be in very good hands. Another thing I’m excited for Batman’s fight scenes because I feel like that was one of the the biggest flaws to Nolan’s Batman and if there is one thing Zack Snyder is great at it’s fight scenes.  But I am hesitant about BvS because Man of Steel underperformed in my eyes, but hopefully Batman’s presence will make things better.

8) We are doing a panel at ANI-ME Con,Batman Vs Our Panel,You ready ?
                   As a huge fan of Batman I am wildly excited to be apart of this panel. I’m really excited to talk comics because as my friends and our podcasts can attest, I can talk about that all day long.
9) You have been to many Cons, Like meeting the fans vs just a podcast ?
                 I love meeting fans! It blows me away when I meet people who look at me and say “I watch you on YouTube! Your videos are great!” It’s great to know that I am on the right track and people enjoy what I make. That’s ultimately why I do what I do, because if no one likes it then whats the point? I love getting a reaction whether it’s shock, laughter or tears.
10) Final comments to hold us over till next time we meet ?
                    Thanks for the interview, I can’t wait for the Batman Vs Our Panel! And if anybody wants to check out our any of our vids or podcasts look us up at that’s co not com. Also subscribe to our channel: “Reel Stream” on YouTube so you can be the first to see our Web Series “Roomies”!



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