MANOAH CRANE – Valleywood’s Prince Of Cosplay

1) What is MANDALORIAN ?
Mandalorians are a group of warriors from several species though commonly human. They commonly act as mercenaries or bounty hunters. Their heritage is extremely prideful and when mandalor was at its prime, they were considered the strongest and best trained warriors in the galaxy.

2) Who else do you cosplay ?

Mandalorian, Storm-Trooper, Biker Scout, Darth Maul, Jedi, Pirate, Michael Myers.

3) Best of The Manoah ?

I think my best trait as a costumer is that I thoroughly love the things I costume as and the universes that they come from so much that when I am portraying theses character I completely commit to the personalities and traits of them:)

I have a crazy amount of fun with it:).

4) Worst of The Manoah ?

I can be too honest some times and need to think about what I say before I say it:) I need to remember that not everyone shares my opinions or ways within the community.

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Antero Mendonca ___________,Ian Pugh ____________,C Andrew Nelson__________,Rach Hibler ___________ .

              Antero- is the shit:) I love the guy and having conversations with him at all the events we see each other at cause he has an undying love and passion for Batman and that kind of love for something is rare:)
   I also thing he looks a lot like Jeff Goldblum when he is out of costume and a badass Michael Keaton Batman while In costume:)
Ian Pugh- is a good friend and amazingly talented man.
     He shares the same childlike love for Star Wars that I do and I love having conversations with him about anything Star Wars cause people like him and I blind ourselves to the bad in our fandom because we love it so much.
    Awesome guy and I can’t wait to be an extra in one of his projects;)
   C Andrew Nelson- one of the coolest and most down to earth celebrities that I have had the honor to meet:) he is such a breath of fresh air to talk to and is always genuinely excited to talk to fans. Best thing is that I have seen him so many times that now when I see him I will just yell at him from across the room saying ” your the man C Andrew”
Rach Hibler- I only know from her work in the adventures of Johnny Neptune and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    She is a very talented actress and would love to see more of her stuff.
     I met her once and she was so down to earth and nice.
It is good to see that good people have good talents.

6) Force Awakens ! comments , spoilers ???

SW:The Force Awakens is amazing:)

I cried 7 times when I first saw it and have seen it 15 times since. Still amazing and still rocking my socks:)

I’m so glad Star Wars is back and my children get to grow up with their own magic of Star Wars.

7) Jeremy Bullock vs Temeura Morrison vs Daniel Logan ???

Jeremy bullock is the OG so he takes the cake, though Daniel Logan is such a cool guy:)

I met them both at celebration Anaheim and they are both super nice ,But it was a lot of fun messing around with Daniel cause he is a jokester.

I have not met Temeura, but I heard he is a one of the nicest Star Wars celebrities, plus he is from New Zealand and my mum is from Australia,

So when I hear that accent that sounds so familiar, I feel like I’m at home;) lol.

8) Ever want to do fan-films ?

I would love to do some fan films, just not the technical stuff lol.

I love to act and become characters. It’s just doing what we all did as kids when we pretended but a bit more Intense.

I don’t have the attention span to do the filmography or editing:) lol.

9) What are you bringing to Heroes & Villians : Batman Vs Our Panel at Ani-Me con ?

I’m bringing myself, I’m not sure what else I need;) lol.

10) Those words people need to hear ?

I’m a big kid and love having fun the same way I did back when I was a little kid.

Life is about happiness and having fun.

Forget about the negativity and drama in life and focus on what makes u happy.

The rest is bullshit and doesn’t matter.
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