ALTAR – this movie gives Blue Lights a ‘bad’ name !


Stars: Michael Wainwright, Master Dave Johnson, Deep Rai and Jesse Parr.

Write & Directed by : Matthew Sconce.

Okay, Very Scary this outing was !

Not since ‘Game Camera’ has this critic been so scared at ….Just found footage features.

The Blue Lights,Err stones, No I think they are lights, But could have been stones…I hated them and there shrill emanations.

Michael Wainwright is amazing – seen in Lamb Feed, Rhonda Rides to Hell,up for lead in Blood Drive feature film and we wrote Nosfera2 to be only cast with him.Wainwright is the ‘New’ monster star on screen from 2016 on….

Most scenes look cold, Cast was amazing and needs to work more,.

Why isnt TIM PARRISH doing super hero genre flicks ?

So, ALTAR is scary and suspenseful and worth a watch, Congrats Matt Sconce & his cast and crew.


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