HOMEWRECKED is Rolling Thunder meets Helter Skelter ON CRACK !



Stars: James VanBeeber, Timothy Quill and Sebrina Scott.

Write & Directed by : Michael S. Rodriquez


OK,So this film is short but is about to be added to an anthology for wide release LAST AMERICAN HORRORSHOW Which  will have This and Night Of The Sea Monkey, Lamb Feed and the soon to be filmed Love Starved.

Rolling Thunder (’77) was about a Vietnam Vet who has been wronged and takes revenge to an extreme, Like Tarantino and That Other Director named Rodriguez this them is a throwback to the Drive-Inn fare that made alot a millenials be born !

The cast is amazing and unseen on this level in many a flick ago – James Van Beeber was ‘King Of SOV’ with Deadbeat At Dawn & The Manson Family…LIKE Helter ,Skelter !

Timothy Quill of The Spiderman movies and From Dusk Till Dawn 2 by That other Rodriguez.

Sebrina Scott we just love to see on screen, and plays one of the sexiest preggers ever.

Suspense, logical story telling,great acting and direction and again Was Short, But Sweet.


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