BRIAN HARPER – Tribal Black Ops, Blood Drive short film and Daisy and the Pig…Diverse Talent…PERHAPS ?

1) Directing or Director Of Photography ?
I enjoy both, but there’s just something about being behind the camera that’s always been exciting to me.

2) Fan of MMA,BOXING and now a action-adventure…You ready ?

              I’m excited about the idea of shooting action sequences as it’ll be my first experience doing so. I’m hoping that having watched so much MMA, and having trained a bit in brazilian jiu-jitsu myself, that it’ll help me a little in shooting these action scenes for the short film Tribal Black Ops.

3) BEST of ‘The Harp’ On/Off set ?

                I see I have a new nickname,  I like it lol. Um, I’d like to think I’m fairly creative, easy to get along with, and very dependable.

4) WORST of ‘The Harp’ On/Off set ?

               Probably that I’m a worrier, on and off set. I’m constantly asking myself “what if this, what if that?” which works well for the creative side of me, but also drives me crazy when its trivial things I shouldn’t be worried about. It’s a blessing and a curse!

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

David Stay -bold
,Eric Galvan -dedicated
,Miranda Kaye Sweat -sweet
,Art Paul-humble
and The Pig -smelly____________.
6) Ever gonna write a screenplay ?
           As a matter of fact, I am in the process of writing my first feature length screenplay. It’s a comedy/rom-com.

7) Tribal Black Ops,as a short film pilot for tribe considerations and Indie-GoGo …Daunting ? Exciting ?

              I think it’s exciting. This is the biggest project that I will have been a part of as either director or director of photography.

8) What is next after your winning streak with DAISY AND THE PIG and TRIBAL BLACK OPS ?

          Regal Cinemas just announced it’s 2nd Annual Short Film Showdown that will take place this summer, so I’m looking forward to entering that.


             Fresno State Focus is the name of the news station at Fresno State where students get to learn and practice how a live news program operates. Getting to be on the set, and learn there was one of the highlights of my time at Fresno State.

10) As we leave you ,Last inspiring statement for a fan’s take-a-way ?

For anyone who is interested in any aspect of film making, I’d say to just start making films with the equipment (or lack of equipment) you currently have, and go from there, and each time you do a project, keep a log of the things you learned or want to remember for the next time you make a project.brian2brian3



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