Felissa Rose Esposito is CAMPing @ #BakersfieldCollectorCon Not SLEEPing near #Bakotopia






Lake Of Shadows*LOVE STARVED* Evil Ever After ** Return to Sleepaway Camp * Slaughter Party * Dead Things * Satan’s Playground * Zombiegeddon * Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow * Nikos the Impaler *Corpses Are Forever ** Sleepaway Camp


1) Felissa, This is a thrill to interview you. Besides the huge “Sleepaway Camp” following, some of your new movies-Evil Ever After and Slaughter Party seemed cult-status nominees. What TV Show or Movie started you on your journey of Horror Icon ?

I guess “Sleepaway Camp”, right?? That seems to be the one horror fans remember. It’s the oldest film but an ending that seems to be pretty original.
2) I think you might be the last of Original Scream Queens, So Do you have time to read a BOOK ? Or listen to a CD, on set ?

Yes, I ususally have a lot of time and I’m always listening to CKY. Great band, so go check out their new album, “An Answer Can Be Found.”
3) You must be great to work with, Because you are working a LOT,What would cast and/or crew say is the BEST thang about “The Rose”?

hahahaaha That there’s always a party in my room! You can say that I like to have fun and usually start a good game of truth or dare! I know, pretty juvenille, but still a blast!
4) Of Course, I telegraphed this question-Roses have thorns, What would those same cast & crew say is the WORST about you ?

My room is always loud and causes people to get no sleep! Or that I speak my mind which can make some folks uncomfortable.
5) This can be at home or work, Killing or being killed, How do you relax ?

I don’t relax anymore, I have a baby.
6) I’m sure we will be surprised with your comments ,Any personal quirk or habit, That we can quote for the tabloids ?

Annoying my husband with a thousand questions at one time….usually about anything random.
So…(reprinted from my stapled zine Guestar,2006)lake-of-shadows


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