MOVIE NIGHT 2 : MINDS OF TERROR is Streaming on, DVD on


So, let’s go back to the set of EVIL EVER AFTER                       

This film was to be my first film without a mask or costume LIKE I wore in Deadly Scavengers and Alien Conspiracy,There is a book writer (Dwarfsploitation,Wiping Off the Sheen and Dead in Love) on set as producer under the table and he wants to unload the rights to a movie with Joe Estevez and Conrad Brooks for less than $500.00 because of no nudity,3 cuss words only and violence is more implied than onscreen….MINDS OF TERROR aka Lost Souls aka Evil Thoughts all I titles I re-released it as on Ebay and made my money back with a sweet poster and dvd format design.

Sooo, After Ebay we went to Amazon where it sat for 13 years making 2 bucks a month in pure profit AND then I met this kid filmmaker with diff glasses who vlogged at one of Kaci Hanson’s                      Movie Nights in Valleywood ,I asked him about MST3000,Rifftrax and Cinema Titanic and if he might want Boot Hill Blind Dead       

or A Dove Among Pigeons (Amazon cut)


ALAN SMITHEE picked MOT and in the next two years he promoted MOVIE NIGHT 2 : MINDS OF TERROR and it came out streaming on TURKEY DAY ’16 on its 13th anniversary of my release and it’s not Public Domain,People.


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