Look Out VALLEYWOOD ! 2 Portagees Studios are talking about you.



1) So you two are brothers and work together in film too, how is that working out so far.

JOE-Good, we have different styles, ideas, opinions but we find a happy medium. I think it pushes us to do better because of our differences.

ROBERT – He may have advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage, but he is an awesome brother, so far everything has been smooth sailing.

2) Company name is that a slang nickname or something to be proud of?

Joe- I am proud of our name 2 Portagees Productions, we are not green horns, we were born here in Tulare County. To us we lovingly say we are Portagees In this politically correct era, we are tired of that bullshit. If you take offense in our company name call us the 2 Portuguese Brothers. I find some people are too lazy to say Portuguese so they say Portagees…..so why fight it.

Robert- I got the nickname Portagee in high school, not sure how I got stuck with being the ambassador for all the Portuguese people at the school because we had plenty. But yeah the nickname stuck with me.

3) BEST of Joe Jr. On/Off set?  BEST of Robert On/Off set?

Joe- My Best is that Im always concerned about others on or off set. I am in a caring for people business outside of film. In this industry its easy to not care about people because there are individuals who see you as a number. I love all my team and all who we have worked with. My brother Roberts best is that he is a good judge of character, he knows way before I see it if they are or are not worthy LOL. He’s always willing to help you out.

Robert- Joe On and off Set: He wants everyone to be comfortable and happy, he puts everyone else before himself. Best of me on Set: I really don’t like talking about myself but… I’m the best there is plain and simple. Best of Me Off: I’m usually quiet but I can be a social moth, I try and make people laugh and make them feel at ease but most of the time I just get weird looks. I am fluent in sarcasm.

4) WORST of Joe Jr. On/Off set?    WORST of Robert On/Off set?

ROBERT-      Worst On Set: If I start making animal noises its not a good thing. Off Set: I worry about how the flow of things will turn out; I lose a lot of sleep over little things that end up being the most fun scenes. Worst of Joe on or off set: Don’t piss him off, it takes a lot to make him mad but if you do…god bless you.

JOE-   My worst on or off set……Don’t make me mad, I can be an asshole. Roberts worst…hmmm Don’t make him mad….I guess it’s a Portuguese thing!

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

Robert-  David Stay – (My Brotha) A rare breed of actor who embodies any role you give him

Joe-                         Awesome character, actor supreme.

Robert-      Adam Beck – (The Magic Man) A genuinely nice, talented guy with a special skill trained eye in perfectionism who goes above and beyond to accomplish it.

Joe-                               The Magic Man of Film

Robert-    Doug Scarbrough – I don’t think he is acting; he is just a natural who makes it look easy.

Joe-                                      The voice of the valley

Robert-       Jim Tuck – What can’t he do, he has the voice he has the look, he is Jim Tuck.

Joe-                           Always a pleasure to be around this guy

Robert-  Eric Galvan – He has the eye of the tiger, I mean he is hungry and will eat you, very down to earth, easy to work with awesome guy.

J oe-                       This is one talented versatile dude

6) Tell us about your first 4 films –

Joe-     The first and second films were both shot at our facility     ‘Casa Grande Senior Care Homes’     in Visalia.

A Dove Among Pigeons: Silent Edition?

Joe-   We had some technical difficulties with sound but we pushed through with the first edit to bring it to life. After working with Adam Beck in Mr. Firth we had him reedit A Dove to a silent film to make it what it should have been the first time around. It turned out GREAT!

Robert-       David and Susan are extremely talented people; it was amazing to see them in action. This was the first time I met the legend they call David Stay. He has this scene where he is poisoned and has to throw up, he did the scene three times (Director Ds request) After that I was like holy crap, this guy is no joke. It wasn’t originally a silent film, had some audio issues so we decided to turn it into a silent film and it turned out GREAT!

7) What about   ‘ Mr. Firth’s Finale’  ?

Robert-      This to my knowledge is the late great Ron Blackwells last film; it was a real honor to have worked with him and such a talented cast. They made it seem easy and natural, the emotion was there and so real. It was our first film shot mainly outside on a RED 4K camera so you can really see the detail in this film. It was raining on and off all day so that was a bit of a challenge. The cast and crew were so patient and professional that you would never know that occurred. This was my first time being an assistant director, lots of fun and a learning experience.

Joe-      We had the pleasure to shoot Mr. Firth a story written by Mr. Henniford the husband of one of our residents at the time. This was the first of our four films to be shot in 4k resolution. Director and DOP was Adam Beck , this is a very touching story, you might cry.

8) Your biggest production – Blood Drive: The Short Film?

Robert-    We originally wanted to do a full feature but the funds just weren’t there, so we thought lets whet your palate and give the people a short to give them an introduction to the feature. We had all the casting done but still couldn’t find the right person for the role of Christopher. My brother and I were at a film festival called Laiffa for Mr. Firth’s Finale and we ran into an English gentleman named Luke Shoefield an actor whose film had also been nominated. We exchanged info and next thing you know we have our Christopher. I honestly lost days of sleep over a scene in this film, It was a two night shoot and it was cold as hell. Eric and Miranda did an amazing job, I couldn’t have asked for a better performance they never complained even as we were wrapping up at 5:30am. David was there to do two things, kick ass and chew bubble gum, he chewed his last piece of bubblegum before we said ACTION. This cast and crew were second to none.

Joe-  Our 3rd film Written by Dan Johnson is a short film was a big project. Initially we wanted it to be a full length film but our budget just wasn’t there so we shot a short which is an introduction to the full length. Adam Beck was the Director of Photography and Kevin Searcy is the Director. I think it turned out awesome! We’re blessed to have a great team, in addition to the film we’re also going to release a coinciding comic book also written By Dan Johnson of Empire Comics Lab. It will be titled Blood Drive: Starting Line, when that is done we will film the feature.

9) Latest effort – Tribal Black Ops: Warpath?

Joe-   TBO: Warpath is about a former Black Ops Native American Badass that comes home to clean up his town. I wrote and directed with concepts from Chris Mackey original script. Director of photography is Brian Harper, a new and talented artist in his field. Stay tuned for more TBO in the future. I am seeing this film to go big in film, TV, comic books etc.

Robert-          This was a lot of fun to shoot, it was more relaxed and the environment was actually calming considering the plot to the story. We used a majority of the same crew as Blood Drive for this film so we were already familiar with each other. We had some hiccups during pre-production but we pulled past it and overcame. The cast was easy to work with and very talented, I think this was the most laid back set so far. We are still in the process of editing but should be done soon. This was just the beginning of TBO so stay tuned to what happens next.

10) So, As we leave you, BOTH of you tell us Goals, Wishes and Dreams for your film-making?


Joe-            We are super exited for the future of film here in the central valley, lots of different scripts to choose from, some of the talent we have is untapped. Technology provides us with a quality product for much less money. Our valley is becoming a mecca for film companies from Hollywood. My wish is to put Visalia, the central valley on the map for film where dreams are made to come true!


Robert-     My goal is to have Blood Drive the feature get the necessary funding to make it the best quality this film deserves, the story is original and it needs to be done right.  We have a few other projects brewing [Klown, Splintered, Vacation Rental, Forgiven] so we should be busy for a while. I have a wish list of certain actors and actresses we would like to work with, I won’t mention any names you will just have to wait and see when it happens. We just want to say thank you Chris Mackey for inspiring us to make films, your JUST DO IT attitude is a great inspiration!











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