JOHN MANGUS – This dude is more than the sum of his parts….No Darth Maul jokes !

jm#1  TENET NOCTIS sounds like a amazing film,Did you know the Blind Dead films (All four) had Knights Templar as undead villians ?

              Thank you. Tenet Noctis is Latin for the darkest night.
I am not familiar with or have scene the Blind Dead films.
The Templars are not bad nor in Tenet Noctis but not all of them are absolutely good. I tried to depict them as historically authentic as possible for a 21st century audience.

#2  You wrote TENET NOCTIS with Tim Russ directing ?

                I did write Tenet Noctis. I wrote it as a feature film but I think it really may better if adapted into a television series. Tim Russ will direct it and have a cameo. jm3

3) BEST of ‘John’ On/Off Set ?

#3A  I am at my best off set when I focus on others. I try to empathize with others and realize that my problems are not all that big in the grand scheme of life.  Love God, Love People, and Love Life. My wife’s pastor Keith says that.
#3 B    I am at my best on set when I come to set prepared and try to make everyone else’s job easier. I can do that by knowing what my role is and being professional. It is the movies, egos are big but they should not interfere with the product. That product is entertainment.

4 ) WORST of ‘John’ On/Off set ?

#4A         WORST of ‘John’ On Set. I have a tendency to get nervous and talk a lot. I think that can be distracting to others. Also, I want to do too much and that can lead to me overstepping my bounds. As the Writer and Producer on Tenet Noctis the only person I have to run things by is my co-producer Alex Eldimiati. However I have had to learn that we hired people to do certain jobs and I need to trust them to be professionals.
Delegation is the key to successful leadership.
#4B           WORST of ‘John’ Off Set. I am a work in progress. Although I am a devout Catholic I have not always lived to the tenets of my faith. I have let myself and others down. Basically anytime I put myself first, others, including myself suffer.  I know that is a vague answer but it is all I feel comfortable with divulging.
#5  One Sentence Descriptions –
Tim Russ is dedicated, intelligent, and has integrity.
Tom Cruise, I do not really know him but he takes his roles extremely seriously and no one prepares more throughly.
Rob Reiner, I do not speak ill of others publicly but I politely turned down an offer to work for his last film.
Michael Dudikoff is a working actor.
Joe Cahill has always been professional, friendly, and communicative toward me.
#6 What is with all the Body Double work,Is that fun ?
I guess I have the ability to adapt to others. Maybe it is being bald. I am not really sure. I have learned a lot from some amazing actors. I have learned not only professionalism, acting nuances, but also how to change my body in a short period of time. I have learned mannerisms, tendencies etc. is it fun? It depends on the production but it beats digging ditches by hand.

#7 You are billed as appearing at Classic Con 3 in Modesto 2017,Met fans before ?

                I was born in California, San Jose. I have never been to Modesto. I do love fans. I am a movie/TV  fan myself. I am honored to be a guest of Classic Con!

#8 Explain how you portrayed ‘Darth Maul’  for Lucasfilm events ?

                       In 2011 I was asked to audition for the role of Darth Maul for the 3D rerelease. It was a joint LucasFilm and Fox deal. I thought it would be for possible reshoot alike the 1997 rerelease of the Original Trilogy. It actually just turned into promotional work, for the premiere. I also did a commercial, print photography, and appearances at Disney. It was an honor to portray Darth Maul, in any capacity and I would relish the opportunity to bring the character to the fans again. jm2

#9 What does your Imdb Biography mean when it says you designed and wore costumes for commission ?

I probably need to update that, lol!
I have made lots of props and costumes for performers from theater, to cosplay, to films, and amusement parks. I used to dress up, before cosplay was a thing.  I am or was a member of the 501st and Rebel Legion.

#10 …Those last comments you want people to remember you by after this interview?

That I want to develop entertainment with integrity. I respect and value fans and their opinions and hope that I get the opportunity to meet as many of them.

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