1) Sorry,To start off on a downer…Edward Albert just passed and you made STAGE GHOST with him,any comments about him or Horror/Westerns as a genre ?
(Edward Albert Jr. will be missed dearly by all who new him and even those who will never meet him but he will live on in all his films and wonderful stories he told. In William Richert’s The Man In The Iron Mask He did the Sword fighting all on his own, unbelievable talent, and as far as Western Horror Film’s, anything to do with Western’s I’m in, being a Kansas cowboy I did get to have a guick draw against Jeff Bridges In Wild Bill .)

2) Favorite character you’ve played?
( I would have to say Dartagnan In The Man In The Iron Mask, playing a good guy was a good change.)

3 QUESTION was withdrawn by Editor.

4) Do you do alot of your own stunts?
( I have done some of my own stunts, In Die Hard they put all 16 or 17 shots to the head in the DVD 2 pack, they had trouble with the guy shooting the blow gun, he had shell sock from the Vietnam war and when Bruce Willis would shoot me with the blank gun the noise would make him jump and he would hit me all over my face with that wax ball with the red blood in it, so we shot it till they couldn’t take seeing me suffer, and then a week later another guy tried it took 5 or 6 times till they got there perfect, shot. I would rather the Stunt Guys to do all the crazy ones; I did go off that cliff backwards in Stage Ghost. talk about having trust in my Stunt Coordinator.)

5) We know you produce some flicks,Ever wanted to write or direct ?
( I have written a couple of Scripts, One about the Wheat Harvest, when I was in high school on my summers off I would go from Okalahoma to Canada cutting the Wheat like a simi modern cattle drive. And one about when I got drafted while trying to peruse my football scholarships, and yes, one day I hope to direct them)

6) So…played BULL POKER lately ?
(LOL well I’m not going to Play Bull Poker, that’s for another kind of human that would do that, I being a farm boy no better than let a ragging bull run me over. My brother Bill and I filmed that at the county fair when we were home in Kansas for a family reunion pretty wild, funny Bill and I were attacked by a ragging cow while trying to separate a calf from a cow while trying to give the sick calf some medication that was bad and it didn’t have horns.)

7) What is the BEST of “Dennis” ?
(The Best of Dennis hasn’t been on film, the best is my 15 year old Son, who I think the world of and who happens to .)

8) What is the WORST of “Dennis” ?
(Hopefully the worst is over, I grew up hard out there on the prairie, I was the fourth son out of five, everything we ate we grew, raised, or hunted, no inside bathroom all the heat in the winter we had to chop wood all winter to survive the extreme cold , my Dad had a serious alcohol problem from his shell shock from WW 2 and we were out in the middle of no where, so he was the Law , so I had lots of fights with my brothers and Dad would slip back in the War and try to carve us up with the butcher knife. Hell I graduated in a little country school we used to walk to with 4 kids in my class. Hell I signed up for football to take showers when they bussed us to town. I quit drinking and hell raising about 22 years ago, its funny after couple of hundred bar room brawls mostly bullies picking on the good guys, and a lot more hangovers I decided to hang up that life, I used to bounce a red neck bar back home for a while, hopefully I have learned enough by now to only bring out the best.)

9) Not everybody is on a Mural ,What gives ?
( Well the short and the long of this is that The Artist the late Dan Collens had a art gallery in the same building that my agent was in and I came in one day with some photo’s I just had my brother Ron take on the farm in Kansas when he saw them, he asked if he could use one on a mural that he was doing and I said sure not knowing how big and cool it would be to be up therewith all those famous people like James Dean, Vivian Lee, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson, even Abraham Lincoln, LOL, I bet people go who in the hell is that guy. Mural is at the Corner of Argyle and Franklin Hollywood CA .)

10) So,Now you can leave us with the ANSWER to All that is “Hayden” ?
(Well that would be to continue with all my hopes and dreams and make as many come true as I can while taken a ride on this spinning thrusting Rock we are all a part of, and always remember to laugh and have as much good fun as you can, and be kind to yourself the planet and all while doing it. Ps, by the way what’s pissing me off today is that bully(RUSH LIMBAUGH,Ed.), picking on that good guy Michael J Fox.

ORIGINAL INTERVIEW (c) 2006 ,Guestar/Guestars Blog aka CATCH ME Interviewsdennis2

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