Mac Cobb discusses the Found Footage/Fan-Film “Encroach of the Roach” and not Ron Ford !

1) SO WE HEARD,That some film school grads uncovered DEADLY SCAVENGERS was originally shot for VHS with a live actor in The Giant Cockroach suit and that DVD digitized him out with a super-imposed LIVE cockroach on a pin head or held by tweezers over scenes of attacks ?
Mac Cobb don’t mince words. I hope you know that. He don’t play nice with others, and he don’t censor shit neither, so if you don’t like some of my words, black the fuckers out and shove them up your ass for being a pussy. 

Yeah, Ford fucked it up as he always does. I grew up on Roger Corman and rubber suited beasties, and that’s the kind of movies I make. Good fun, simple and direct and immediately gratifying, like mainlining coke or punching a cop in the chops. Their effects looked like some jackass with a nose ring did them on his home computer in five minutes. 

Another thing, they had this anus-sucking prologue with a woman so ugly I wouldn’t even fuck her with your dick getting killed by the giant roach. Mind you, this happens BEFORE the roach actually  escapes. We see that happen later in the movie. Makes no fucking sense. 

Business as usual for Hollywood meatheads.

2) We heard they went to you to direct the FOUND FOOTAGE instead of Ron Ford ?

That happens almost every time that asshole gets behind a camera. I need to clean up the mess afterwards. That fucking loser couldn’t direct himself out of a sack of shit. With all due respect. 

3)   Besides the’ throat attack’ did you see any other conflicts besides the travesty of (spoiler) Dart Bomb on Bug-Boy at end ? (Editor’s note : MAC COBB refused to answer this question !)mac3

4) Favorite MEN IN SUITS ,One Sentence Descriptions –

Ben Chapman  – Ricou Browning deserves the credit, he did it underwater. That’s acting!
,Doug Jones The real deal, wish he’d work for the chicken feed I can pay,
Tom Woodruff Jr.____Who?(Wow,Just Wow-Editor),
Bob Burn He is a treasure, buddies with Paul Balisdel and a hero of the rubber suit genre
and Haruo Nakajima I’m guessing he played Godzilla? Dude knew how to pulverize a pagoda. 

5) So These Film School Guys approach you to direct their Found Footage/fan-film homage with Monster Suit Actor who we heard was picked because he had just played Darth Vader at malls and suit was same size ?
Bullshit. That was what I told them because it’s fucking hilarious. Bug Boy, as I call him, is an old acquaintance. He’s the finest rubber suit actor alive, and he works for cheap beer. Plus he never ask to be blown afterwards like most of your Hollywood types. 
6) BTW was Ron Ford doing a Riff on you in ‘Boot Hill Blind Dead’,Because it’s oddly familiar like you ?
That fat fuck couldn’t imitate himself convincingly much less me. You’re giving him too much credit. 

7) We heard ENCROACH OF THE ROACH bootlegs are already making the rounds of SDCC and other Conventions, And possibly streaming You-tube,Roku or Plex ?
Fine with me, it’s clearly the superior version of the movie, and I didn’t get back end on the deal anyway, so go for it. The only ones it’ll piss off is the original distributor and that Ford asshole. Their misery is my joy, so “play on,” as that overrated fuck Shakespeare said. 

8) BEST of Deadly Scavengers,WORST of Deadly Scavengers  ?
Best: Tim Sullivan with a shaved head. Fucking hilarious. He looked like Boris Karloff’s penis. Worst: Bug wiggling on a pin, or as they called it, special effects. 

9) BEST of Encroach Of The Roach, WORST of Encroach of the Roach ?

Best: Bug Boy’s heart-wrenching performance. He is the Robert DeNiro of rubber suit actors. Worst: Tim Sullivan with a shaved head. He looked like Boris Karloff’s penis. 

10) Last chance to RANT ?

Fuck you. I got a bottle of scotch with my name on it. Outta here. 

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