KENNETH J. HALL of Tiki Monsters fame going to #TulareSciFiCon


Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. Hall spent his early years watching horror movies at his neighborhood theater and acting in school theater. As a teenager, he wrote and produced live shows at the local planetarium, designed animatronic characters for Sally Industries, and staged promotional events for movie theaters. Moving to Hollywood in 1982, he first became established as a makeup effects artist, working on numerous features, including THE TERMINATOR, GREMLINS II, and BATMAN RETURNS. He has been responsible for many large creations, among them the 16 foot star of Roger Corman’s CARNOSAUR and the giant octopus prop from Tim Burton’s ED WOOD. During this time, Mr. Hall continued writing, which led to his first screenplay assignment, THE TOMB. Working as associate producer on set, he held cue cards for the legendary John Carradine, hand-doubled for Cameron Mitchell, and hung grenades on Sybil Danning. Then came EVIL SPAWN, which he also directed. With a storyline he describes as a cross between SUNSET BOULEVARD and THE FLY, this ultra-low-budget quickie starred former Playboy bunny Bobbie Bressee and (thanks to some generic footage provided by the producer) John Carradine again. These efforts caught the attention of Charles Band at Empire Pictures (later to become Full Moon Entertainment). There, Mr. Hall created the original PUPPET MASTER, the first of Paramount’s successful direct-to-video series, along with other projects, including I WAS A TEENAGE SEX MUTANT (aka DR. ALIEN) and TEST TUBE TEENS FROM THE YEAR 2000. He developed GHOST WRITER, writing and directing the PG-rated syndicated television feature for Audrey and Judy Landers. Also during this period came THE GIRL I WANT and LINNEA QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT, done under the pseudonym Hal Kennedy. Mr. Hall resumed acting in Rusty Cundieff’s comedy, FEAR OF A BLACK HAT. The same writer/director allowed him to combine his special effects background with his directing as the Special Makeup and Visual Effects Supervisor/Effects Second Unit Director on TALES FROM THE HOOD, executive produced by Spike Lee. In 1995, he started his own effects company, Total Fabrication, where he’s created characters and creatures for STAR TREK VOYAGER, POWER RANGERS, and the infamous killer snowman film, JACK FROST. He returned to writing with the original script for THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT, starring Christopher Plummer and Margot Kidder. He recently formed BV Entertainment, where he executive produced, wrote, and directed THE HALFWAY HOUSE, his first totally independent feature. of you & monster from HH ).

1) What TV Show or Movies inspired you on your way to fame & fortune ?

I grew up in the sixties, which was a phenomenal decade for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. My mom took my brother and me to the movies with her rather than leaving us with a sitter, so we got to see a lot of cool stuff even when we were toddlers – BRIDES OF DRACULA, PIT AND THE PENDULUM, GORGO, CURSE OF THE WEREWOLD, DINOSAURUS, THE RAVEN, MOTHRA, etc. We were so young that some of these were just random visuals imbedded in our brains until we saw them again later on TV. Speaking of television, we had tons of older movies like the Universal monster classics, THE THING, DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, along all the great series like THE MUNSTERS, LOST IN SPACE, WILD WILD WEST, BATMAN, OUTER LIMITS, THRILLER, and, of course, the original STAR TREK.

2) All the wicked and demented stuff you put on film,What cd or book is your intellectual comfort food ?

I am the world’s slowest reader so I don’t read fiction for recreation. I guess watching all those movies as a kid enabled me to assimilate things better through audio/visual media. Musically, I have very eclectic tastes ranging from classical to jazz to rock and beyond. When I write, I usually listen to ambient music and film scores that match the feel of what I’m working on. Vocals are distracting to me at these times.

As for movies, my DVD collection includes old Hollywood classics like CASABLANCA and CITIZEN KANE, westerns, comedies, and even Disney flicks. I have cinematic goodies to satisfy virtually every mood though, more often than not, I crave some fun genre piece that takes me back to my youth. On the surface, that’s the current focus of my work – bringing elements from things that inspired me in my youth to a contemporary audience. On a deeper level, it keeps me in touch with the muse that nurtured me all those years and ultimately led me out to California.

3) You know I could Ask Michelle Bauer,Mary Woronov or Athena Demos…But,I’m asking Kenneth…What’s the BEST thing about you ?

Gee, I’d be curious to hear what they’d have to say. I think that despite 20 plus years of career ups and downs and my overall disdain for the business side of this industry, I’ve managed to retain my love for the movies themselves, which is what’s kept me going… That and a good sense of humor. When I’m at my best, I tend to infect others with the same enthusiasm and sense of fun.

4) …The natural follow-up question to #3 is -What is the WORST thing about Mista Hall ?

I do have a serious side, which can make me brooding and moody. I also tend to worry about things that are out of my control. People around me during those times pray that I stop stressing and lighten up.

5) Okay,a wee warning…This can be Googled…

What do you DO to relax ? between films ?

An excellent dinner, a good cigar, a cold martini, and a hot babe or two not necessarily in that order. I tend to be very hedonistic when it comes to my earthly pleasures.

6) Any personal quirk or habit we can QUOTE on internet ?

I don’t know if you’d call this a quirk or a habit but I browse porn on the internet just like any other guy. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of perversion and I do tend to stray from the more mainstream stuff ,the stereotypical girls with the big lips and fake tits. With all due respect to Hugh Hefner, the Playboy bunny type doesn’t do it for me. Give me a woman who looks like a real person with natural breasts like Athena or Janet Tracy Keijser or Stephanie Leighs and that’s what’s hot to me. Apart from physical types, THE HALFWAY HOUSE is practically a road map to my kinks so you can extrapolate what websites I like from it.

7) Any Last words from the same guy whose strapped down Athena Demos (BHBD) and Put a nun’s habit on Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000) ?

I may be considered a perv in some circles but I’m just a red-blooded American guy who likes monster movies and sex. Rather than going the safe, mainstream route which I’ve come to realize is not for me I’ve bared my twisted sensibilities to the world and found that I’m not alone. There’s an audience out there craving old-school exploitation and I plan to keep on serving it up for them.

Copyright, Guestar(s) original interview 2005,EDITED 2/8/17


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