STAR (Space Traveling Alien Reject) is like DEADPOOL if done with a MUPPET !

So, This movie IN THE FIRST 5 minutes changed my attitude about it….I was settled in for a ALF Redux, Or ET done with NO Monies….But No I got this in my face -Your gonna laugh,Sit back fool it’s gonna be AWEsome.

The cast is good,Not great but good and one in particular, Richard Satterwhite, Plays two characters who are pretty well thought out and given lots to do considering it was written for Fred Williamson before budget cuts, YUP ! still works and works well.

STAR has a girl as his friend and she could have been on any NICK series or DISNEY too,They have a chemistry that only Union projects would have.

The violence is really DEADPOOL or LOGAN levels ,No kidding not a movie for kids.


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