PHIL CABLE – Valleywood’s Answer Man is going to #ClassicComicCon3Modesto

1) Are you surprised how many value your opinion about film-making ?
In a way, yes. I have been amazed that so many people have sought me out to ask questions about film-making. Emails, phone calls, Facebook messages. Somewhere, along the line I developed a reputation as an answer man, insofar as movies are concerned, and I appreciate the fact that I can be of help to aspiring filmmakers. What amazes me is that more BIG movie producers aren’t as well versed in film production, post-production, and distribution as they should be.
2) The video series you have been doing on Face Book “How To Make Feature Films” seems really popular,Helpful and the back/Forth you give your viewers is so welcomed , Will this go to DVD or be collected somewhere ?
As far as I can tell my Facebook LIVE talks on Making Feature Films have been pretty well received and shared a lot. The reaction I’ve gotten has been universally positive. Unfortunately, since it was done on Facebook, I do not have the legal right put it on DVD.
2) BEST of ‘The Phil’ ON set or OFF set ?
I am pretty good in a crisis and I normally solve movie problems pretty quickly plus I love to work with actors in a scene to get the creative nuances of that scene realized. Off the set I love writing. To me it a bit like creating and solving a complex puzzle both at the same time.
4) WORST of ‘ The Phil’ ON set or OFF set ?
More often than not I don’t have the time to explain to technicians the reasons for why I need thing done a certain way. Things are too hectic to do it at the time it is most wanted. For this reason, I try to find the time, often after the fact, to explain things more fully so they can more readily understand the method of my needs. Off the set I can occationally get a little moody from time to time particularly when I am at home.
5) One Sentence Descriptions –
Yvonne Craig   -Beautiful, funny, teller of great stories about her time in movies and TV._________________,
Lisa Todd -Lovely and ambitious, yet often innocent of the necessities of business.________,
Charles  Dicheira-  A dear friend and occasional business partner, and an accomplished teacher of filmmaking.____________,
 Deborah Dutch – A beautiful, underrated actress and a close friend, almost a sister.__________
Leo Fong – A curious mixture of spirituality and down and dirty business know how, who has never had the opportunity to fully materialize his combination of knowledge, talent, and other skills._____________.
6) Explain ’24 Hours To Midnight‘ ?
– In 1988 a Leo Fong movie, that had been pre-sold to overseas buyers fell apart when the star walked off the set. I was hired to help Leo solve this problem and finish the film. I became the producer, the script was rewritten, and I we managed to finish and deliver the film to the distributor, Sunny Films. They in turn had new scenes shot and cut out other necessary scenes. This made the movie, to my mind quite confusing. As far as I can tell, almost no one was paid for their work. That bothers me to this day. Oddly enough, it was extremely successful in the video marketplace and is continually being re-released by various video companies.
7) Explain ‘Knights Of Justice’ ?
– I had a deal with Big Bang Comics to produce a syndicated kid show based upon the Thundergirl comic book. Just before we were to start casting, the toy company who was to finance the series, relocated to Japan negating our deal. Being as I had been working with Big Bang Comics I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to explore the possibility of marketing a movie in a manner of Japanese “video comics”, wherein animated films were sold via comic book distribution outlets. I , however, wanted to sell non animated films with live actors, which had never been done before. I worked out a deal to make a 40 minute TV pilot with producer Charles Dichiera. I wrote and directed the movie and Charles produced it.  It took us nearly two years to complete due to the illness of one of the stars, Lorin Taylor,  which necessitated halting production until she recovered.
This production, coming shortly after the death of my beloved mother, gave me something positive to focus on and kept me from falling into dispair. Fortunately for all, the pilot, while never becoming a series, got largely great reviews and I made a number of new good friends in the process. Sadly, I do not own a piece of K.O.J. due to my having to sell my percentage to Charles to raise money for my wife who needed expensive medical treatment several years ago.
8) Are ‘Battle Beast’ and ‘Comic Book Kid ‘ lost films ?
For the most part, yes. BATTLE BEAST is co-owned my Lisa Todd and she took over the business of marketing the film. I have not heard of a video deal and I have lost all contact with her. COMIC BOOK KID was never finished and therefore not marketed due to severe problems with the film camera supplied to me by my partner on that particular movie.
9) Still writing books ?
 Yes. I have several books available on and will probably have more later this year.
10) Your next films, SHADOW SQUAD, Is going IndieGoGo …scary ?
   And what about your film before ‘Shadow Squad’— VAMPIRESS with Debbie Dutch ?
A little, yes. It’s brand new means to finance films where no one can truly project the outcome of a crowd funding campaign. So, it all up to me to make it happen. Succeed or fail, the buck will stop with me. Yep, a little bit scary but also exciting.
                                             VAMPIRESS: Lady of the Night is projected for video release on at the year’s end. The DVD will have the movie, a Q & A with Deborah Dutch and myself, the VAMPIRESS trailer, and a video Montage of photos of Deborah.
INSTAGRAM:  cablephilip
FACEBOOK:  Philip Cable / Shadow Squad / Vampiress: Lady of the Night
TWITTER: philipcable @philipcableaaa / shadowsquadmovie@shadowsquadfilm
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