DOUG BLOOMER – Come join the ‘Cinema Circus’ !

1) Why do you do interviews ?

            Simply put: I enjoy being in front of the camera, so I created a venue to do so.
I enjoy, appreciate and respect people who define their passions; people who use their imaginations to create and build, construct their


​ and​

fantasies into ‘reality’ and then

​ are willing to ​

share them with other like-minded individuals. I like to see people create costumes, props

​using their

healthy, mind-enhancing skills that demand mentally positive challenges that get goal-oriented results. Interviewing people are inspiring to me, so it is a win-win-Won!

2) You seem to enjoy what you do and always have fun,

                     Was this a lifelong attitude ?

‘Fun’ has been a goal in work as well as play. I try to see the fun in what I do, and enjoy sharing it.The best part of ‘fun’ is doing what I like

​ and​

is a challenge; one that allows me to meet others who make life interesting and keep me on a brighter side-whenever possible. 

3) BEST of ‘The Doug’ ON/Off interviews ?

​            The best interviews are the ones where I connect with my interviewee; ones where I ask questions that allow them to be their best, and ones that they are proud of and are pleased enough to share! I like the ones where people, who are otherwise shy, or unappreciated, or basically unnoticed, are shown on the screen-whichever device others view them on.
 I am amazed that I have been able to interview famous people, and those behind-the-scenes persons who have given us so much.
I love and appreciate the persons I talk to who ‘take it away’! I mean, if someone is really fluent in thought and response, all Director Doug has to do is attempt to look intelligent- wahhooo!

4) WORST of ‘The Doug’ ON/Off interviews ?

      The ‘worst’ interviews are those that could have been better, but I do not, or perhaps will never know it. That is, there may be a question that I did not ask, a pause that I do not give them, so they can think of something that they would have liked to say- if given ‘time’ to reflect and respond.​ ‘Worst’ is adding my ‘two cents worth’ instead of thinking of something else that I might ask. This is ‘my bad’ and thankfully I can edit my blithering out- and no one is the worse for it. I must always remember that the interview is not about me. I am there as a tool like the camera or mic. My ‘guest’ is the Super-hero!

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

Adrian Paul –
is so positively clear in his persona, both on and off the camera, that he instills the professional attitude that the true winners in any field are made of.
,Ladies of GLOW-
          GLOW ladies are just that- Gorgeous  lady wrestlers who emBODY a wild and playful attitude- that one we all can easily embrace and enjoy.
Debbie Dutch-
            Debbie Dutch, to me, is a very strong and courageous lady. She has the ‘can do’ attitude that must be a joy to work with, and one who has created a career out of shear strength of character, tenacity and down-to-Earth guts! Bravo to her and those who actually ‘make it happen’ in this industry.
GiGi Edgley –
     Gigi is a professional actress with business, promotion and bravado in her demeanor. She is a professional’s professional in both acting skill and marketing. She has gone beyond the character in one venue, to excel in others.
Andrea Libman-
Andrea-sweet Andrea-here is a life-long successful voice-actress who was the right very young person at the right time who entered her industry with her sweet disposition and genuine sincerity. I am sure is one who is a joy to work with and a  much welcomed member of her Pony-Team members.

6) Why do you have DELETED interviews ?

I have deleted interviews because of glitches in YT or those who have ‘technical difficulties’ that make them unusable. Anything I post is only as good as the last one.
7) Any NEW Interviews ?
    Many ‘new’ interviews are on their way. With an ever-present learning curve regarding editing, travel and hours and hours spent over the years, I have MANY that are waiting to be edited or posted. Also, I feel it is not wise to deluge YTube with all the posts in a short time as it would be a one-time tsunami which would put the CINEMA CIRCUS posts way down on a long list of posts that are so prevalent in today’s social media world. It is hard to define which ones to post next which is difficult because everyone should see their interviews in a timely manner. If it was not for friends, and CMAC staff patiently working with my technoditzy skills, nothing would have ever evolved at all.


8) BEST interview _____________,

    Call me narcissistic, but I like ’em all! Everyone I have been able to corner at a convention has been so accommodating, patient, and positive with and for me, I must say that each one has been a chance for me to share their passions with my viewers.
TOUGHEST  Interview________________,
       Was with Gigi Edgley. I know that I as an interviewer in front of a camera, I must remain cool, calm and basically sane, but knowing how famous she was/is got the best of me. Kind of a ‘stage fright’ I suppose. It happens, so I must persevere to grow and get better in this place I have put myself i.e., Director Doug.
Interview that got away ____________ ?

  Did one get away? Yep, a celebrity I missed, a vendor I walked past, a cosplayer that jagged when I zagged in the hallway. BOO on me!

9) CMAC ?

       … CMAC has offered me, thusly our viewers, my only opportunity to use the newest, most complete video equipment available today- for 50 bucks a year. MOST of all, it has been a place where I have had support and assistance from friends and the Super-staff who have allowed me to show up month after month, hour after hour, and ask questions upon questions in order to create the best CINEMA CIRCUS shows possible. For me, the process of editing my footage, is still the most demanding, laborious, and ever-challenging ‘hobby’ ever. The Community Media Access Collaborative is amazing!!

10) Last Words to enlighten your fans ?

Me enlighten? The Fans enlighten Me. Sure, life gets in the way at times, but these young and old people alike are persevering with their goals. They show up, get to know others, share the fun, as well as the hardships that creative people know and share as well. One does not have to make excuses for being a Super-Hero, villain, or talking blade of grass. Their are no valid excuses for not at least giving your ideas a try. Here is the opportunity to be a part of a crazy, unique, and playful group of people who are putting ‘life’ in perspective and all joining in to support the journey.



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