13 DEMONS …not a KING ARTHUR mockbuster but…Might do better at theaters

A Daniel Falicki film ,Starring Jason Roth.

Think of tributes to Jumanji,Dungeons * Dragons, S.C.A., Ouija Board or the book from Evil Dead….This Daniel Falicki effort has alot to do with paying a attention to your Medieval hobbies.

I’m a big fan of FALICKI ,As Ive reviewed almost all his films on Amazon & Imdb,He is an Auteur in Film-making and his ‘Rotomation ‘ reminds one so much of  James Cameron finesse of the screen.

Jason Roth unlike Falicki accepted my offer to discuss there many collaborations,Jason plays All 13 Demons—–

So, let’s jot down some Bullet Points- Beware The Smell,Trust us,Beware the smell.

If you are high on pot or seduced by a game,Is that probable cause for being a serial killer ?

If King Arthur : Legend Of The Sword tanks at Box Office can you beat it to dvd & streaming successfully ?


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