PRESIDENTS DAY….Just in time to celebrate FOURTH Of July.

From Brain Damage films….Duh !

Starring : Zombie Abe ,Zombie Teddy,Zombie FDR,Zombie Nixon and Zombie John Wilkes Boothe.

I loved Maniac Cop, Uncle Sam and am making my own First Responder horror flick Firefrighter (c).

So what if you had dumb college brats out in the woods hanging out in the house from Evil Dead ?

The opening to the movie has a scene right out of Valleywood’s ALTAR with a creepy Toll Booth guy warning them their lives are in danger.

There is crazy in-jokes like Zombie Taft getting stuck in a bath tub and not able to terrorize,Or Zombie FDR chasing a nearly nude coed in forest and his wheelchair hits a rut and tips over ….

There is even a SCREAM reference where the black guy must die and of course he had the only gun on the human side.

Let us not forget the fragile hero bears a resemblance to Bruno Mars…..


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