JOEY OTTEN : Valleywood’s Cap ‘Merica Riding into #BakersfieldCollectorCon

1 ) Why Captain America cosplay ?

I have always been a Captain America fan. It represents me and my life. I was small and weak growing up, was 5’2″ &98lbs graduating high school. I joined the Army and grew to 6’1″ 200lbs. I was picked on a lot in school but never backed down from a fight. Sound familiar. I am all American through and through, I love my Country and the American flag and willing to die for it.

2) Is now the perfect time to notice Your Captain, So close to 4th Of July ?

I think with the lack of unity happening in our country anytime is the right time to notice Captain America, the lack of respect for the Red, White and Blue needs to change and we should pay respect to that daily and honor those who sacrificed for it. I hope that my Cosplay reminds people that we can show that respect in many forms and to inspire kids to do the same.

3) Did you know you’re the 5th Captain ?

5th Captain….. Only if I was in the same league as the Actors. They had and still have the ability to reach so many with there craft and make a impact. I don’t feel that what I do is on the same level as them so they wouldn’t classify myself as the 5th Captain.

4) One Sentence Descriptions –

Dick Purcell-The first and least know Captain America but what a inspirational Actor.,

Reb Brown- My favorite Captain America and a inspiration for my CAP-CYCLE.

,Matt Salinger- had the coolest Captain America outfit and loved the cheesy early 90’s graphic

and Chris Evans –  the most popular and we all know Captain America and all around good guy ,that loves kids and does a lot for them ,a guy I can admire.

5) BEST of Joey Off/On as Captain America ?….Big heart and put others before myself in and out of cosplay.

6) WORST of Joey On/Off as Captain America ?.. I can be very selfish when it comes to my wife and doing cosplay, I tend to put cosplay first sometimes.

7) Tell us about the bike ?

My CAP-CYCLE  was inspired by Reb Brown’s Cap-cycle and Antero Mendonca ( He Cosplays as The Batman for ‘Bat Party For Kids’ ) It started as a 1990 Honda CBR 600 in all white. Had airbrush artist Edward Martinez of AirPlay do all the fabulous flag work. It has definitely improved my Cosplay and brought more attention to my Captain America. If you look at the front fender that is my tribute to REB BROWN and his CAP-CYCLE. It brings a lot of attention and when I ride it around I get asked why, what for and instigates a conversation about what I do as Captain America.

8) Tell us about your portable Skyline set for photo-ops ?

I wanted to bring a prop to Cons that you don’t see and that is a full size comic book cover that fans could take pictures as if there are part of a comic.

9) What ERA is Your Cap from ?

My Captain America is from Chris Evans ‘ Captain America’ in the movie ‘Civil War ‘. I also have added his battlefield outfit from the first Captain America movie so both outfits are from the last couple of years of Captain America.

I would like to create one from the movie that Matt Salinger created it’s really cool.

10) Closing thoughts,Statement In/Out of character ?

Has Captain America it has allowed me to volunteer at Valley Children’s hospital in the Central Valley. I have meet a lot of wonderful kids that are my heroes and that has inspired myself. One girl especially touched my heart. She is very sick and has a life changing disease but she is still very positive with a smile. I spent some time talking to her and it came about that she has never been to a Con and has never Cosplayed. So that inspired me to get her to a Con and get her an Outfit. I put out on social media what my thoughts where and people really stepped up to make her first Con a magical one. In doing this this has also inspired me to create the Shenanigan Foundation that will help sick or needy kids go to Cons and have a outfit to feel what it is like to be a professional Cosplayer. The foundation is named after the Girl that we are gathering donations for now, her name is Shania Agan.

I hope that in my cause Cosplaying Captain America will inspire young kids to keep Comics alive and that we can be anything we want if we set our minds to it even a SUPERHERO.


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