1) You are pretty good at Cosplay ? Favorite outfits ?

Hands down, Wonder Woman. She is strong, smart, sexy and dominating. I do BatGirl, GhostBusters Holtzmann, Pirate Mary O’Malley, Star Wars Asajj Ventress, and a female version Captain America.

2) Saw you at Tulare Sci Fi Con promoting SUPERBLAM ? Doing any more fests or cons ?

I will go to the Silicon Valley SciFiCon every year in April. Next year as “2025 Wonder Woman.”



3) One Sentence Descriptions –
Matt Sconce- Simply THE amazingly talented “everything” man in the movie industry who can do any part of writing, pre-production, production, and post-production of a film with powerful style and wondrous cinematic excellence.
Gregory Tharpe – The funniest “A List” Comic lead in the business yet to be discovered, and a heck of a good dramatic actor to boot.
Deep Rai – An actor who exhibits diverse talent and astonishing ability in every accurately and correctly delivered line.
Brett Prieto – A rugged, strong, talented action leading man; better than Cruz, Downey Jr, Jackman, Pratt or Hemsworth; yet to be discovered.

4) BEST of Karen Adell ON/Off set ?

I love to write. I have seven feature screenplays ready to go, including action, adventure, Sci-Fi, horror, thriller, kids movies, faith-based film and romantic comedy.



5) WORST of Karen Adell ON/OFF set ?
           I know it sounds silly, but my son Matt Sconce and I have a motto: “Never Settle.” Since I never settle for “average” or, “OK,” I honestly don’t have a worst. I guess my “worst” could be something funny that turned out to be useful to a movie.
In FIREFALL An Epic Family Adventure, we contracted with the Criminal Minds guys to make us a rubber trophy of a hiker that could be thrown down in the movie and yet bounce. That trophy was supposed to last through the entire movie and cost us $2000. Lead Greg Tharp (Stanford James), so deeply into the emotion of being fired from his “Big Outdoor Survival” TV show, was supposed to pretend to throw the trophy down in the scene outside PU Studios, but in fact shattered the expensive trophy on the ground. I crawled around for 15 minutes trying to find all the pieces of the hiker on the trophy to repair it but the head had rolled underneath a locked gate to a dumpster. Matt Sconce and I had to completely rewrite that scene and part of the end of the movie and had to put together another trophy similar for the final scene when Stanford James gets his TV job back. In the end, the shattered trophy with hilarious Greg Tharpe biting it made the scene even funnier.
In another scene in Firefall, amazing character actor Michael R. Tweedy was supposed to fall down because he was scared of the bear Fuzzy Wuzzie in a campfire scene. Over 70 extras were in that scene. Mike ripped the loudest fart ever heard by a human being when he tried to get up. It took us over five minutes to stop the laughter in the 75 extras. The accidental thundering fart scene was so good, Matt Sconce put that clip into the movie where you can see it today!


6) What’s up with you and Movie Theatres ?

Well, I just like to help people.

CREST (Fresno)

The sweet little family at the historic Crest theater in Fresno needed some help fixing their toilets, and I’m a very good plumber. I fixed all their toilets.

MET (Oakhurst)

At my sons Met movie theater, I often fix things that break just because I love to help him. So, it’s not about theaters, it’s about my trying to kindly help people.

7) Will ALTAR be your biggest film so far ?
I think that ALTAR will be Matt’s biggest film, but that is because of the quality of its distribution. I contend that if FIREFALL had a wide theatrical distribution it would’ve made between $20 and $40 million. It is still rated over 7.5 on IMDb, and that is in “Princess Bride” territory. I am extremely proud of that screenplay and frighteningly, if you watch it, every single character is part of me.
8) So, You have multiple credits on films….Which your favorite or looking at your list, Maybe TOP 3 ?
I am extremely proud of FIREFALL, then STRICKEN, and working with Matt on the concept for ALTAR.

9) So is life getting better here in VALLEYWOOD ?

With the advent of higher quality cameras at lower prices; with the amazing talents of non-Hollywood editors and local special effects quality, I see a growing power in Valleywood. THE GALLOWS, FIREFALL, STRICKEN and ALTAR, show we can produce very sellable products that vast audiences will enjoy.


10) WHAT is next for KarenAdell Scot ?

I will continue to anticipate production of many of my screenplays. It looks like Matt and I are getting closer to production of EVERWHITE, and MAGIC after he finished the hilarious and fun SUPER BLAM web super hero series. NODES (1,2&3), EMMA’S COOKIES, PEST CONTROL, IMAGINARY, FUTURE POO, BUTTER POWER INC., PUPPY POWER, THE MUSICIAN, and now the sequel ALTAR UNLEASHED, are all in the line for production. I will also continue to write other screenplays. I have at least six more concepts that I am bouncing around in my head right now. 👩👍🏼




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