OFFICIAL ‘Brix’ Website !
1) So you like LEGOS™ ?
I have loved LEGO™ bricks my whole life. I vividly remember being around 8 or 9 years old and sitting in the back of my mom’s copper Toyota Tercel going to BEST Department Store to buy a Castle set. I had saved up about $35 worth of change and I had it in the yellow cardboard tray that my previous set had come in. I remember that excitement and I think that’s what’s great about LEGO™.

2) HOLLYWOOD ROAD TRIP, your biggest movie before ‘Brick Madness’ ?

‘Hollywood Road Trip’ or ‘Showboys’ as it was called back then was a great project to work on and I think Johnny Soto and Bryan Harley did an excellent job with it. It’s not the biggest budgeted movie I’ve worked on by a long shot, nor did I have the level of control on it that I have had on many others, but it’s certainly one of my favorites and a really great of example of what Fresno can do. Johnny really persevered on that one and we had a wonderfully collaborative set.

3) One Sentence descriptions – 

Adam Beck is a hard and talented worker, he’s not in your face, but he gets the job done and really loves cinematography.
Matt Sconce is in love with movies, he’s relentless and his positive attitude is indefatigable.
James Inch is just the nicest, most talented actor you’d ever want to meet.
Ian Pugh is a unique and gifted storyteller.
George Ohan is the best kind of hustler there is, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

4) BEST of ‘J-Mac’ On/Off set ?

When I’m in a good zone I think I can be very creative and collaborative on or off set. More than anything, I try to be the type of guy you’d want in the foxhole with you.

5) WORST of ‘The J-Mac’ On/Off set ?

I can be a condescending, know-it-all jerk, that works too hard and expects too much.

6) You seem to help ALOT of filmmakers in VALLEYWOOD complete their projects at Blare Media…Are we right or wrong ?

I don’t always have the time to be on a project for the long haul, but I have had a long standing agreement that if you can produce a short, passion project and produce it well, that I will do my best to shoot it for you at no charge and come out guns blazing with everything I have. I have also tried to be upfront with people and let them know that if I’m not using it and you bring it back in one piece, you can borrow pretty much any piece of gear I have.

7 )BRICK MADNESS film …All that hype,Why ?

It’s quite simply the most important thing I’ve ever done with my professional life. I’ve spent nearly 10K hours on it. I want everyone to see it, because I think a lot of people will really enjoy it. The red carpet premiere at Tower Theatre on Sept 9th is the culmination of so much literal blood, sweat, and tears. At the end of the day, no one will believe in your movie if you don’t.

8) LEGO™ movies…Opinions ?

The LEGO Movie is pretty incredible. It’s hilarious, the visuals are astounding, and it’s just a damn fun watch. I haven’t seen the Batman LEGO™ Movie yet but I will. I already know it’s great.

9) So, Stay with me on this one….So SPACEBALLS was sort of okayed by Lucasfilm,But could not market any merchandise…BRICK MADNESS may be forgiven as a affront to LEGOS™ but you CAN’T put out BRIX (?) toy sets or BRIXmovies ???

Hahaha, I have worried about the legalities of the use of LEGO™ bricks in a movie since day one. We have gone to painstaking effort to avoid logos, minifigs, specific pieces, and anything that would infringe upon anyone else’s trademarks/patents/copyrights. That being said, we do currently have the movie being watched by the marketing department at LEGO™. We’ll see what happens next!

10) What is next for ‘ J-Mac’ ?

This is only the beginning of the marketing plan for Brick MADNESS. There are a ton of Brick Conventions around the world that I intend to showcase the movie at. It will be great to establish new circles of marketing so that my immediate friends won’t have to hear about this anymore. I assume most of them are quite sick of it 😉
After Brick MADNESS is successful and has been seen by as many people as possible, I would love to create an Adult Swim style cartoon with a concept that I’ve been sitting on for a few years.

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