TERROR AT STATION 13 press release before Halloween ’17








Press Release 13

Terror At Station 13



Michael S. Rodriguez




On the heels of wrapping the feature horror film Lake of Shadows: Legend of Avocado lake, Indie director Michael S. Rodriguez does not wait long to dive head first into another project. This time around Rodriguez has decided to tackle the subgenre of Sci-fi thriller with his ode to Roger Corman classics. Add a pinch of John Carpenter a touch of Ridley Scott and you get Terror At Station 13.


Set to the backdrop of deep space in the year 3017 a mobile salvage unit named SAL-2 docks at abandoned station 13 when its mother computer detects something wedged in its cargo doors. The ship’s crew made up of a mix of former marines and scientists bring aboard something which to the likes that they’ve never seen before.

Prepare for an encounter of the closest kind.

Terror At Station 13 is a short film that will run a total of 7 mins long and debut for free on Facebook this October 31st. The director promises practical makeup/special FX as well as old school scale modeling and camera tricks.

Quote from Michael S. Rodriguez:

I plan to give Sci-Fi and Horror fans a wonderful treat this Halloween. Imagine The Thing, Galaxy of Terror and Alien presented to you in 7 chest bursting, tentacle grabbing, face hugging fucked up minutes… You’re Welcome.

Terror At Station 13:

Written/directed/produced by Michael S. Rodriguez

Running time: 7 mins         Color 2017


Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp) (The Perfect House)

Liane Langford (A Blood Story, Meathook Massacre 3: First Hunt)

Tyler Gallant (Last American Horror Show, Roman’s Road)

Cesar Zamora (Lake of Shadows: Legend of Avocado Lake)

Tino Zamora (Last American Horror Show, Lake of Shadows)

SFX: Sofia Alexandria, Stephanie Galvan

Director of Photography: David James Bailey

Editor: Michael Burciaga

Score and additional music: courtesy of Circle of Stone  


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