1) You wrote a book ? Yes it only took years!! LOL. Its called “My Life as
Julia Roberts, Snapshots of a Life” I was compelled and nagged by
my muses , So I wrote about my life growing up in L..A., Having
Crohns Disease, Dating. Its a dark humor.
Julia Roberts and Marilyn Monroe connection ? I remember when I
would go see a movie in Westwood Village, there was the
Cemetery where Marilyn Monroe was buried, I used to go and see
her there. I was just breathless by her. There was something so
rare …Her acting skills her comedic genius. I couldn’t stop watching
her she amazed me! She also reminded me of how fragile
everything was. Well the Julia thing!! ahahaha was because ever
since she became a star …I was her broken omelet! Everywhere I
went people thought I WAS Julia Roberts.
3) BEST of ‘ The Liane’ On/Off set ? Oh thats a good one.Hmm,
Laughing, The beach,Life, Work,Acting,Singing, I am a very
generous person, I love my fellow actors! Art, Being alive and
knowing the incredible people I am honored to know.Protective,and
Grateful. Music is my life and film.
4) WORST of ‘ The Liane’ On/Off set ? oh well then… Snobbish, a
bitch! I feel like being alone when I am sick.Can’t stand jealous
people. Protective, Perfectionist! I am a pro. But if its 110 outside? I
want to lay down LOL!! oh Vain as hell! thank goodness for that
portrait in the attic!
5) ONE sentence descriptions -Michael S. Rodriguez_Mad Man
Master of film, incredible at FX, writing, Loving,unstoppable.
___________,Jim DeVault _Incredible experience in film making ,Film
historian, sick sense of humor…..Bourbon!__________,Steve
Oakley__My Ed Wood of indie a real maverick! Love him Madly
_____________,Joe Hollow___There is nothing Joe Hollow cant do!
His creativity, his love of everyone! I adore his tone of film making the
colors to the people he chooses… amazing!__________ and Domi
6) So, Are you a Scream Queen ? AHAHAHAHA! No I don’t think so I
am an Actor, Now that isn’t to say that scream queens don’t act
because some of my favorite SQs can ACT! I just think that woman
are getting better roles and its up to us to keep practicing our craft.
Things are changing in a good way. Its cliches of a time and genre, all
film fits into a derivative that I think is moving forward all the time. We
need a new name… I have to think about that one (the new
7) Ever gonna Write or Direct a movie ? I have Produced and been
Assistant to the Director I have done everything to painting sets, to
cooking to wardrobe. BUT! I don’t think I will But never say never.
8) Your next film, TERROR AT STATION 13
is getting a lot of buzz
already…Opinions ? WOW! yes it is! I think its going to take off and not
just into outer space alllthoooooo … I think its a fantastic idea that
Michael S Rodriguez has created this amazing story built again on
the films we have learned from and admire and in his way will bring
everyone something not only nostalgic, But innovative in its nostalgia
MSR has amazing roots in FX, model making..Things that I miss. He
has an intuitive sense in film and has created highly well scary,
funny,creepy films and he does this with joy! He has received awards
for his films as well. LOL he has been posting “Christine” And its so
funny that my Brother David worked on that film in FX I remember him
telling me how scary it was going to be.And here is MSR talking about
a film we all were freaked about! ahaha and that was all old school FX
and that is whats going to scare everyone on October 31st!
9) Ever do book signings or fan conventions ? Not yet. I wanted to tour
my book and then things ran away with film but my book has been
very well received . I love stand up, I got my start in comedy in school.
I wanted to tour my book as a stand up act.
10) The Last thing you wanna tell us ? Yes thank you to everyone who
has had faith in me and stood by me when I needed it the most. There will never be words for the support I have received from so many wonderful people.
 Just love that I can send  back right now.We can all use more of right now.
Thank you so much for having me.

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