POWERBOMB may just make us forgive #WWEBLACKWEDS.

Indican Pictures brings us #POWERBOMBmovie

stars: Matt Cross (NWA POWERRR), BRITT BAKER (AEW) and Adam Cole (TNA) in the tiniest ,Im supporting my love cameo.

Kayfabe/Shoot  Matches crosses the lines in this cool flick.

Roni Jonah is a stuntwoman and female lead.

Cash K. Allen plays Matt Cross son and and can hold his own in a very,very realistic performance.

The bad guys maybe the weakest part, They are a promoter of Indy Wrestling and a fan who takes it too far….

Look for Matt Cross also as MDOGG20 in BACKYARD WRESTLING :DONT TRY THIS AT HOME on PS2 and Xbox.

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