For reasons ,not public,This is our fourth blog/website called GUESTARS !

We admire entertainment on all levels,Perhaps smaller is better than bigger.

“When we have time to converse you are my world ,For that moment,Damn if its sustainable !”

-Bloody Sisters (Debbie D & Deana Enoches Demko )
-She Bites (un-released)
-Boot Hill Blind Dead (US Blind Dead h/w)
-Deadly Scavengers( 27th Worst Video,2002)
-Alien Conspiracy2 :Time Enough(Grey Alien)

-Alien Conspiracy 3:Grey Skies ( image stolen for cover,disc,menu)
-Evil Ever After(First time without mask,Drunk EX Teacher )

-MINDS OF TERROR distributor,dvd designer(Joe Estevez, Conrad Brooks)
-Dust To Dust (un-released, zombie)
-A Dove Among Pigeons ( wrote ’11)
-Die,Pig,Die (mad scientist ’11)
-Astonishing Adventures of Victoria Vanderbelt ( Smokey Jack ’12)
-Final Case of Ben Sabik (Lost Film)
-Shattered Flames (La(w)yer role,’12)
-John Neptune: Zombies Of Planet X (bootleg version ’13) ,mad scientist

– John Neptune: Sirens Of Vengeance( ’13) -Tivas Guard

The Asylum web-series – 5 episodes plus dvd extra, (based on VG) –

Batman’s 4th with the villians (as Hugo Strange)

Blood Drive short film (’16) PR consultant,con liason


TEED OFF aka SHANK,Bloody Shank (script only).-IN TURNAROUND-

Tribal Black Ops: WARPATH – script for pilot.created title,characters,key elements.

Tribal Black Ops -‘Bad Cook’ role

Riddlers Xmas Special edited onto AS2Ep8 ending

The Asylum 2: Deathstroke & Bane Rule Gotham ! (2016)

A Dove Among Pigeons -silent edition (cc) 2016,wrote & distribute

Movie Night 2 : Minds Of Terror – re-release with a ‘Rifftrax/MST3K’ like . 2021,rights leased SovHorror.com

Dramas 4 Your Mammas ‘Mr Firths Finale/ADAP- Silent Edition’ double feature dvd

FireFrighter – Created Title,Characters,Script.(assigned to Flying M Films LLC)

Encroach Of The Roach, fan-film using found footage of Deadly Scavengers

Boot Hill Blind Dead 20th Anniversary Edition,2023

Bug-Boy A DS Documentary

Dr. Hugo’s Asylum, Joker fan-film

Terror of the Mind’s Eye -distributor

Movie Night 2 : Minds Of Terror riffed film

Wolf/Soldier – LOST FILM

#TachiBlackOps re-issue of #TBOcast film

Soldado Lobo – Enemy Of The Wall

Wolf & Dragon Go To Washington cartoon

Bug Boys Drive In Of Horror ,episode 1

Bug Boys Drive Inn of Terror, Episode 2

WolfVet I.P.

Valleywood Deadend Drivein TV Pilot,Episode 2

WOLF CORPS prequel


WENG WENG JR (I.P. in turnaround).

PRINCESS & ‘MODO (script in rewrites by Kristi Key Mackey.

Old Man Logan, bts producer

FIREFRIGHTER2 red flames

Valleywood Dead In Drive in #2

Biddle Drive In w/Firefrighter

Dok Sauvage I.P.

Valleywood DeadIn DriveIn #3 ( BoothillBlindDead,WolfCorps)

BugBoy’s DriveInn Of Terror #2

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