1) NARCO SUB – Any gossip ? no real gossip. We had a blast filming the movie and everyone got along! It was like a film family! 2) Do you miss Fresno,Ca. ? I do miss Fresno a lot! All of my family is there and I miss them tremendously. It has a special placeContinue reading “TOM VERA ….Narco Sub HERO”

REAL JOHN DAVEY . Here we go.. 1) Shazam or Captain Marvel, Which hero name is yours ? Why ? Capt. Marvel. That’s the role I played. 2) Saturday mornings, Shazam & Secrets of Isis What’s your favorite part of role ? Takeaways of that experience ? Shazam/Isis? It was fun working with Joanna and her co-stars. 3)Continue reading “REAL JOHN DAVEY .”

IMDb: Alysia Ingrim and Awnna Albright in The Clause (2020)

#ValleywoodWerewolves on Central Valley Talk show.

JAVIER CAZARES – living life to the fullest !

1) Fashion or film ? film. 2) Was it weird playing werewolves in SOLDADOLOBO, WOLFVET-VS-CYBORG and WOLF CORPS ? it was actually fun doing the werewolf roles. 3) BEST of Javi On/Off set ? his compassion and willingness to others,so help 4) WORST of Javis On/Off set ? No comments. 5) One Sentence Descriptions :ARTContinue reading “JAVIER CAZARES – living life to the fullest !”