JUAN RODRIGUEZ – valleywood’s favorite character

JUAN RODRIGUEZ https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1107952842979611



1) You work alot,Playing all kinds of roles ?I have been extremely blessed by God throughout my career and continue being blessed. I cannot emphasize the utmost support I have had thru social media, to my personal friends and colleagues.
2) One Sentence Descriptions –


At the edge of your seat 1980’s horror/thriller slasher film genre. Directed by Samuel Winters. Underground Film Productions

B FIREFRIGHTER ?Sci-fi genre thriller. Directed by CMack. FlyingMFilms


Comedy/Drama genre. Directed by Freddy Falcon/Juan Herrera


Another thriller film genre. Directed by John Saltkill. FlyingMFilms

E. RING TOSS ?Thriller/Drama genre film. Directed by Brian Harper. . BH Studios

3) BEST of “Juan” On/Off set ?

I love it I get the chance to be someone other than myself. Love to be around a great cast and crew on set with such talented individuals that bring positive vibes anytime anywhere.

4) WORST of “Juan” On/Off set ?Not being on set. We can Thank Covid19 for that. Everyone knows about the loss of my Mother back in Oct. I’m still trying to cope. But as far as I know. I see a lil sense of normality in the horizon. And get back to filming.

5) One Sentence Descriptions?
GINA CANTU -Very passionate about her craft in catering on sets. She always brings something to the table.
SPARKLE SOOJIAN-Lovely soul, beautiful person inside and out, talented actress philanthropist.
DT CARNEY -DT talented actor, passionate, humble soul cares for organizations & community.
RICKEY MONTEZ extremely talented actor
CITRIC is a talented comedy unto himself doing great things my Doggie.

6) You’re playing two werewolves,A feral Texas Ranger and a VA Hospital experiment ? Yes. Texas Ranger Garou in Soldado Lobo a good experience for me. And brings us to the filming of Wolf Corp.
7) Any lasting comments,Final thoughts ? I want to Thank God first and foremost, all of directors and production companies, my friends and colleagues for believing in me and has given me the opportunities to bring something awesome to this world. And yes saving best for last. Thank you my L.A Agent Jeffrey Lee Dupree of Dupree Talent Agency for believing in me. Already set me for audition with huge project. Thank you all. God Bless.