GREGORY BLAIR – Talent is not for the meek & mild.


1) Ever been compared to Anthony Perkins?  Oddly, only once that I recall…and I think we’re similar–at least in my more serious, darker stuff.  But I think because of my broad comedy skills, I get Marty Feldman a lot!  I like both kinds of roles and both of those actors, so either comparison works for me.  Cast me evil, cast me dorky…just cast me!


2) Is DEADLY REVISIONS your ‘ Big Break’?  I never thought of it in those terms, but I suppose it may prove to be that for me as a director; time will tell.  I won an  EOTM Award for DEADLY REVISIONS and the film has gotten positive reviews, so if it becomes popular enough (and a financial success), then it may well be a calling card for me. Frankly, I’m just proud I pulled it off, considering the obstacles; no one can take that away from me.  (Sounds like a song, huh?)


3) Ever want to write or direct again?  Well, I’ve been writing for so long, it’s not likely I’ll stop.  In fact, Enmar Productions has a film in preproduction  called “Heretiks” which is based on a screenplay of mine.  As for directing:  heck, yeah; hopefully with a bigger budget and better toys!


4) BEST of ‘Mr.B’ On/Off set?  I can only offer my (biased) opinion, but I’d say my best qualities include artistic vision and attention to detail, which mostly occur before you go on set (though both are needed on set as well)… and working with actors—perhaps because I am one, myself.  But ask my cast and crew and see what they say!   No don’t:  they might say my dog, since she was on set most of the time and everyone loved her.  Animals always upstage you!


5) WORST of ‘Mr B’ On/Off set?  I’m going to go with “patience”.  On or off a set, I am very patient—until I’m not.  I’m working on that one, but it’s a life challenge, because I’m a type-A kinda guy and I want to get stuff done so anything that slows me down tries my patience.  Now what’s your next question?  Hurry up!  😉


6) ONE sentence descriptions:

Bill Oberst Jr – The man who has not only earned his title of “hardest working man in horror”, but who single-handedly proves you can’t judge a book by its cover, since he’s the kindest, most gentle man–the polar opposite of his usual film persona.

Charles Band – A wise and seasoned professional who has made a legacy for himself in the niche world of horror comedy with puppets.

Creep Creepersin – With a name all to himself, Creep continues to consistently put out his own brand of work in both film and literature.

Jared Cohn – Don’t let the sleepy, matinee idol face fool you; this guy’s a multi-talented young man with serious directing and acting skills to boot.

Brent Spiner – From Broadway to Star Trek and everything in between, Brent remains a talented and wickedly funny man that I’d have cocktails with any day.


7) The HARDEST THING accomplished on a project by you? Coming from theater, “the show must go on” attitude has always been a part of me.  In that light, obstacles are just something you come to expect in the biz.  It’s hard to say which obstacle you overcome is the biggest, because they all feel big at the time.  I think the day we had to shoot in a record-breaking heat wave while sirens and helicopters circled due to a double big-rig accident nearby was particularly hard because those were both obstacles you have no control over and so the feeling of helplessness makes everyone on set struggle to stay focused.  I certainly wouldn’t have gotten through it if everyone there that day had not remained totally focused, which they did, so I share that accomplishment with all of them.  Thought I may have lost more hair!


8) Would you want to be a Leading Man?  Or are you ‘Happy’ as comedy relief?  I have a look and energy that works best for character roles and those are usually not leading men.  I have been the lead villain in projects…just never the hero.  I’m very okay with that.  I mean, I wouldn’t cast me as the lead in a romantic comedy…unless it’s the 40 Year Old Virgin 2!  Besides, I find the comic relief and the villain roles are usually more fun.


9) ‘THE STRAYING’ is that your next accomplishment?  We’ll see.   It’s all about timing and how things fall into place.  I’ve got several projects brewing or in the works.  But I’d definitely love to get THE STRAYING going, because it’s a passion project of Bill (Oberst  Jr.) and mine and, with ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE doing well, I think people are ready for truly original, mature horror and that’s exactly what THE STRAYING is.


10) Those words of wisdom one hopes from you?  I’m not sure who’s looking to me for words of wisdom, but I’ll merge my favorite kernels I’ve found to be true:  “Be your authentic self, never lose your sense of humor and pursue your dream while remaining considerate and compassionate.  And eat your vegetables.”


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One response to “GREGORY BLAIR – Talent is not for the meek & mild.”

  1. Great interview, Gregory. Thank you for the kind words therein.

    May I say that you one of the few authentic Renaissance Men I know in this industry; you write beautifully, you are an accomplished actor, you direct with aplomb, you’re socially poised and you’re politically astute.

    I’m jealous. But glad to know know. Here’s to a big success for DEADLY REVISIONS

    best wishes,

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