1) You write & direct too ?
Yep! I love to create. Being in front of the camera is always the dream.  But, there are some stories I want to tell in my own way. It’s exciting to be able to put it all together.
2) Is it getting easier or harder to ‘Make It’ in Hollyweird ?
HA! Hollyweird…  “making it“ anywhere takes WORK. I think there are more opportunities now, but like anything you have to put in the time and believe in yourself.
3) BEST of ‘The Tasha’ On/Off set ?
The best thing about being on set, is being on set. Acting is fun. Being around creative inspiring people is intoxicating.  I’ve definitely had moments of clarity when I take a look around at the cameras, sets, crew and other actors and smile to myself thinking, Wow, I am so lucky.
The best thing about being off set is freedom. As an actress I have a flexible schedule.  It’s great cause I like to get out, do and try new things from sports to museums, to fashion events to enjoying great food with friends, and playing with my bunny rabbit, Rocco.
4) WORST of ‘The Tasha’ On/Off set ?
Worst thing about being on set, long hours.  It can be rough and often on independent sets the production has to shoot the film faster due to budgets. In a 12 hour shoot day there is very little down time. Coffee is important!
Worst thing about being off set, not being on set.  You always want to be where you’re the happiest.
5) One Sentence Descriptions-
Jeff Leroy is like working with a super creative & talented mad genius with a silly sly sense of humor.
Christian Marc is a sharped tongued, in your face yet very entertaining and fun partner in crime east coast Italian from South Jersey.
Demetrius Navarro is a charismatic actor’s director who can take a single moment and make it magical.
Matt Emery is an artistic wild card who makes me laugh.
David Stay is cool & mysterious.
6) Wish you were a Blonde ?
NO!!! I have way too much sass to be fair haired.
I went blonde for one year. It was awful. That year I maybe had one or two auditions and booked NO jobs. I most definitely am a brunette inside and out .
Although, I wouldn’t mind shooting a movie where I was a rock star and I had to dye my hair teal or purple.  That would be awesome!
7) What is next, High Desert ?
High Desert is a sexy sultry edgy film set on an Indian Reservation. When I first received the script from writer/director TA Williams I was immediately attracted to it. The leading lady Rashida is so powerfully written, as she is seductive and intriguing yet cold and calculated in her twisted ploy to preserve her family at any cost.
For me this film is an amazing opportunity to portray a strong multi-dimensional female while being able to represent my Native American heritage.
I believe it will be gritty and beautiful, the best way to tell truths that people just don’t talk about.
Currently in development, looking to go into production later this year.
8) Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison sequel to Werewolf in a Women’s Prison,Gossip ???
There are two sequels coming out to “Werewolf in a Women’s Prison”.
“Dracula in a Women’s Prison”
“Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison”
In “Dracula in a Women’s Prison” I play Lisa, Rachel’s (Victoria DeMare) cellmate who turns into a Vampire and tries to kill her.
Hmmm… Gossip … Victoria & I have a super silly sexy scene with Puma Swede…
And Girls and Corpses Magazine’s very own creator Robert Rhine aka Corpsey plays Dracula.  So keep an eye out for some movie stills in the magazine.
In “Frankenstein In Women’s Prison” I play Victoria Frankenstein. I am on an insane and/or brilliant mission to create my perfect “Eve” while naturally orchestrating the deaths of everyone around me in the name of science.
This movie is gonna be COOL! We have monsters, electrocutions, random female body parts… and apparently, in the words of Jeff Leroy, a few female bonding scenes.
9) What is ‘Andkeepitdown Productions ‘ ?
Christian Marc and I formed AndKeepItDown Productions when we began Acting/Writing/Producing our show “Trent & Tilly”.
Originally, “Trent & Tilly” was a comic web series about the world of two devious, slightly silly exes/best friends who were Philadelphia sports fanatics, Directed by Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red). We did a season for the web, screened at film festival and took home a couple of awards, which was pretty cool.
Then by pure coincidence we caught the eye of a few network execs. This prompted us to develop “Trent & Tilly” into a 1/2 Comedy for TV. Which we’ve been doing for the past two years adding Dorian Gregory (Charmed, Soul Train) & Shar Jackson (Moesha, Girlfriends, The Parkers). Now it’s a comedy centering around four unlikely friends who all want to be famous & believe there are no rules to getting what they want.
Recently, an excerpt of Trent & Tilly made a little appearance in France which we thought was pretty exciting.  Fingers crossed, the show will soon find a network home, cause… we think it’s pretty funny.
10) That final thought for your fans ?
To my fans: I love that I actually have fans.  I appreciate you all taking the time to watch my work. So, THANK YOU! If anyone has questions, tweet me @TashaT333.  Or checkout/follow my blog  http://www.ThisGirlzLife.com. I regularly update it with pictures of current projects, inspirations and/or me doing silly things. I am also posting weekly pages from a book I’m writing called “This Slanted Land” about mystic & mayhem. tasha2
Tasha Tacosa
Actress/ Writer/ Producer
Twitter: @TashaT333
Instagram: ThisGirlzLifeImdb:http://www.imdb.me/tashatacosa

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